Dog Bites in Orange County

angry dog

The dog that bites you might be someone’s furry little best friend; but he certainly isn’t yours. Dog bite incidents happen every day. They aren’t necessarily caused by notorious breeds, such as pit bulls. It could be a poodle, a schnauzer, or a terrier. It could happen at any time; and it could leave you with serious injuries. That is why hiring a dog bite lawyer is so important. You need time to heal. and we are here to make sure you get that time.

When a dog gets his teeth into your flesh, it can cause unimaginable pain, severe injuries, and permanent scarring. You could incur substantial medical bills and lose wages due to time off from work. In Orange, when a dog bites, the owner is usually legally liable for the injuries. but to recover all of the damages to which you’re entitled, you’ll need an attorney who is willing to fight back. in order to preserve your rights, contact a dog bite lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys today.

A Dog Owner is Liable When a Dog Bites

In most cases an owner is usually subject to strict liability when their dog causes injury. That means they are usually liable, even if their dog is someone’s nice furry little companion and he’s never bitten anyone.

A Dog Bite Lawyer Will Deal with the Insurance Company

Conscientious dog owners have homeowners liability insurance to cover their personal liability exposures, including any a dog might create. When the insurance company receives a dog bite claim, the company will want to investigate. They’ll send out an adjuster, just like they would if you were involved in an auto accident.

The adjuster will want to take statements from the owner, talk to witnesses, and obtain your version of the facts. If you’re jittery, in pain or under medication, when you talk to the insurance company adjuster, you might make statements she could use against you at a later time.

She could deny liability or offer you a small percentage of the true value of your claim. That’s why it’s best to have an attorney conduct his own investigation and deal with the insurance company, so you don’t have to.

An Attorney Will Work to Get What You Deserve

When you are injured by a dog and have pain, scarring, or a permanent disability, you are entitled to damages over and above your medical bills and lost wages. That doesn’t mean that the insurance company will offer you a settlement. They might try to walk away and close their file after paying only your out of pocket expenses.

When an Orange attorney is involved in your dog bite claim early on, he can present the case when you’re ready. Then he will work hard to get the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve been bitten by someone’s furry little friend, contact us. We’ve got the toughness to bite back.