Dog Breeds with Most Bites

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Ladera Ranch dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys knows that dog bites can be very serious. There are ways to prevent dog bites, but it is also smart to know which dog breeds are known for biting and why they are known for biting. Our Ladera Ranch dog bite lawyer put together a list of the top five dog breeds that are most likely to bite. We also wanted to give explanations as to why it is likely that these particular breeds are known for biting. as a Ladera Ranch dog attack lawyer, we see many different cases coming into our firm. We know this time is very delicate for all those suffering. Contact a Ladera Ranch dog attack attorney in our office. Consultations are free.

Ladera Ranch Dog Bite Attorney | Top Dog Bite Breeds


The Akita originated in Asia. These dogs are protective by nature; thus they need hyper socialization – which means that they need to be socialized with other dogs and people. If they feel that they or their family are being threatened, they can be especially aggressive. This particular breed does not mix well with smaller animals in the home. With proper socialization, this can be mitigated.


Believe it or not, most huskies are responsible for more dog bites than most people think. This is for many reasons – one being, they like to grab when they are playing, but they also like to grab when you are doing something they do not particularly like. the like to use their mouths as a grabby tool for anything they do or do not like. They are also very stubborn dogs – but like any other dog, proper socialization can drastically limit their stubborn and grabby behavior.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are notorious on the dog bite lists, but not for reasons one may think. These animals have a reputation for being aggressive, when in actuality they are incredibly smart and trainable dogs. They make for wonderful military and police dogs. They are naturally a herding dogs and they will often use “nips” and “grab and drag” to herd their people – especially children. Many bites attributed to these dogs are usually herding instincts gone wrong.


This breed has a reputation for being a killer – which is actually contrary to the behavior of the breed. the reason why they are on this list is because of the sheer power of their jaws. While they are powerful, they are more friendly than most people and society give them credit for. Proper training and socialization can drastically limit the danger of a dog bite.

Pit Bulls

The pit bull is an incredibly powerful breed that unfortunately always takes the top spot on the dog bite list. Its jaws have the power to crush bones and shred flesh. on their own, pit bulls are a wonderful, protective breed. They are known as the “nanny dog” because in general, they love and adore children and the rest of the family. If you properly train and socialize the pit bull, they have the propensity for affection and are also seen as giant lap dogs.

As you can see, the above dog breeds have their own reasons why they are on this list. as a Ladera Ranch dog attack lawyer, we can see that these reasons can decrease when it comes to training and socializing these animals correctly.

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