Dog Park Behavior Tips in Mission Viejo

happy dogs at park

Teaching your dog how to behave is a wonderful tool when you are trying to socialize your animal. as a Mission Viejo dog attack attorney, we have seen many cases where dogs misbehave. Not only does your dog need to behave, but their humans do as well. as a Mission Viejo dog bite lawyer we know that there are a lot of stimuli at the dog park. for dogs and their humans. as your Mission Viejo dog bite attorney, we want you to feel safe going to the dog park with your pup.

When taking your dog to the park, it is important to remember the following to keep dog parks safe for you and your dog.

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Attorney | Take the Leash Off

If you have done the recommended training for your dog, there should not be the need to leave your dog on a leash. Leashes have a tendency to interfere with how your dog interacts with other animals. Your dog can become tangled in the leash and can eventually build up a lot of stress by the constant pulling and tugging of the leash.

Mission Viejo Dog Attack Lawyer | Be Vigilant

Make sure you are always keeping an eye on your dog. as a Mission Viejo dog bite attorney, we know that time at the dog park can be good for socializing as well – but it is always best to make sure that you are not only keeping your dog safe, but that you are making sure that your dog is having fun as well.

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Lawyer | Toys & Treats Can Wait

Though it is nice to treat your dog, save the treats and toys for after a day at the park. Bringing in toys and treats can cause too much commotion when there are other animals involved. the presence of these things may cause excitement and fights.

Mission Viejo Dog Attack Attorney | Always Pick Up After Your Dog

Make sure that you are cleaning up after your dog – should your dog go to the bathroom. Your Mission Viejo dog bite lawyer can tell you that most dog parks have doggie bags. However, it is always a good idea to bring a few extra. Just in case.

Leave if You are Uncomfortable

If there is anything going on in the park that makes you uncomfortable, a Mission Viejo dog attack attorney in our office believes that it is best to leave. If another dog is being too aggressive, you can do your best to try to alleviate the situation – but if it is not in your capacity to do so, your responsibility is to keep your dog safe.

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