Dog Swimming Safety in Aliso Viejo

dog swimming

Some of our fury family members are not very keen on swimming – but some actually love it. During the summer months, swimming can provide a sense of relief from the heat for dogs – just as it does with humans. According to VetStreet the keys to keeping dogs safe in the water are prevention, preparedness, and awareness.

Aliso Viejo Dog Attack Attorney | Dog Swimming Safety

Aliso Viejo Dog Attack Lawyer | Prevention

Like with children, make sure that when your pup is in the water, that you are supervising them. Aliso Viejo dog attack lawyer, Silverthorne Attorneys says that prevention also means working with your pet in the pool to help them learn where the steps are so they can get out easily. Obedience training is also a very important tool here. Make sure your dog knows all of your commands and make sure to carry extra “retrieving toys” – a dog that is heading into a dangerous pool of water can be lead back to safety with a second item. There is not substitute for training, it can literally be a lifesaver.

Aliso Viejo Dog Bite Lawyer | Preparedness

If you are taking your pet to the lake or ocean, it is always best to be aware of weather and tide conditions. River and ocean tides change frequently. One of the best things you can do to ensure safety is to take pet first aid courses – believe it or not, most Red Cross centers actually offer these classes. a Aliso Viejo dog bite attorney also knows that most veterinarians may teach them as well. If your dog is not much of a swimmer or gets anxious in the water, get them a personal flotation device – these are perfect for family boating trips.

Aliso Viejo Dog Bite Attorney | Awareness

Always be cautious of your dog’s condition as they are playing in the water. Aliso Viejo dog attack attorney reminds. you that even a swimming dog can get hot, so make sure you bring fresh water and offer it at every opportunity. Always be extra careful with younger and older dogs. Younger dogs may panic in the water, while older dogs may tire quickly. Keep them closer to shore and keep swimming lessons short.

Remember to always keep your eye on your pet when you are out in the water with them. Make sure they are properly hydrated and safe.

If you are suffering from injuries due to an attack, contact an Aliso Viejo dog bite attorney today!