Dog Do’s and Don’ts for Kids

girl whispering to dog

Children are very curious and playful. Especially when it comes to their fury companions. As a Mission Viejo dog attack lawyer, we have seen cases of all kinds. It is our duty as a Mission Viejo dog bite lawyer to help those who are suffering from injuries due to a bite. Remember to take extra precautions; especially when children are involved.

Mission Viejo dog bite attorney, Silverthorne Attorneys has put together some doggie do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing with dogs and how to keep children and dogs safe from attacks.

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Attorney | Do’s

  • Make sure that your children know to always ask an adult before they pet the dog – the owner will know the warning signs if their dog is in a bad mood or not.
  • Wait for the dog to come to you. Make sure that your child knows to pet the dog on the check or back – never on the tail or head. If the dog does not come up to you and your child, that likely means that the dog does not you to pet it.
  • Always give dogs space.
  • Be careful around a mother and her new puppies. New mother’s are very protective of their litter.
  • Remember that a sick or old dog may be in a bad mood and may bite.
  • If you think a dog may bite, toss a toy or another object away from you. This will turn the dog’s attention away from you and onto something else.

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Lawyer | Don’ts

  • Don’t hug or pet a dog without getting permission from the owners first.
  • Don’t tease the dog. Do not run up to one and then run away or try to steal their toy. the dog may not think you are playing.
  • Do not play with or distract a dog that is with someone who is blind or in a wheelchair. These are service dogs that need to focus on helping and guiding the people they are with.
  • Don’t go up to a dog that is eating or sleeping. Dogs do not like being bothered when they are trying to eat and sleep.
  • Do not run away or make loud noises if a dog comes up to you without a leash. Stand tall like a tree and try not to move. Cross your arms over your chest and don’t look the dog in the eyes.
  • Don’t put your hands on the fence where there is a dog. Leave the dog alone, especially if it comes up to you and starts barking.

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