How to Drive Safe in the Fog

As I have mentioned before, I commute from Orange into Ladera Ranch Monday-Friday. It’s no easy task for me doing it everyday – but I do get to experience some of the weather changes and I enjoy that. This week, I have noticed that there is more fog than normal on my way into work – I also noticed that the appearance of fog made Southern California drivers a little more nervous than usual. So our injury attorney has put together some helpful tips on how to drive safely in the fog.

  1. Be aware of weather conditions, especially in the mornings and in areas that are along the coast.
  2. Allowing more distance between your car and other cars can help to prevent accidents.
  3. Use your fog lights while driving, especially if the fog is thick. Do not shut off the running lights when you are driving because these help make your vehicle more visible to other drivers along and beside the vehicle.
  4. The use of low beams can help with visibility right in from of you.
  5. People have a tendency to naturally drift when visibility gets bad. This is a good time to check yourself and make sure that you are staying in your own lane.
  6. Beware of freezing fog. Though this is not likely to happen as often here in Southern California, freezing fog can come into contact with cold surfaces and cause black ice.
  7. If you truly cannot see in front of you, if the fog gets too thick, pull over and wait. Remember to turn your hazard lights on so that other drivers are aware of your presence.
  8. Use the right edge of the road as a guide to help you avoid running into any oncoming traffic.
  9. Ask for help. If you are not alone in your car, don’t be afraid to ask your passengers to help you keep an eye out on the road with you.

These are just a few tips to getting through the fog safely.

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