Driving Safely in the Rain

Getting into a car accident can be brutal, but we know that getting into an accident when it is raining out is even more so. That’s why it is wise to consult with a car crash attorney, so you know your rights and so that you are reassured that you have options after an accident. Hiring a car crash lawyer in San Juan Capistrano does not have to be stressful, we here at Silverthorne Attorneys, always want to make sure that our clients feel that there needs come first. When you choose a Silverthorne Attorneys auto injury attorney in Orange County, consultations are absolutely free! Today we have put together some preventative measures for when you are driving in the rain – so that you are safe on the roads during the changing of the seasons. If you find yourself in an accident, do not hesitate to contact your local auto injury lawyer to see if you have a case.

Car Crash Attorney – Driving Appropriately For Weather Conditions

Windshield Wipers

Keeping your windshield clean helps with visibility – what helps to do this it making sure that your windshield wipers are doing their job and are not scratching the windshield. as a car crash attorney, we advise that you replace your wipers every year to prevent them from cracking, breaking, or not sealing properly when you need them most. Using proper washer fluid will cause water to bead and drip off the windshield when it is raining, rather than sticking to the windshield and blocking your view.

Car Crash Lawyer – Slow Down

During any change of weather, especially here in Southern California, it is smart to be cautious when we are on the roads. During the fall and winter months, the weather can certainly be unpredictable from day to day. for instance, just yesterday, it was sunny and this morning I woke up to light showers. Wet roads reduce traction and slowing down and being cautious of speed reduces the chances of skidding and will give you more time to react to emergencies.

As an auto injury attorney, we see a lot of accidents that have been caused by driving too fast on wet roads, which leads to hydroplaning; which means that you will have little or no control when it comes to steering or braking.

Auto Injury Attorney – Remain Focused

Keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Pay attention to what other drivers are doing around you – same goes for when you are on city streets, make sure you are aware of pedestrians.

Make sure you are distraction free. Even if this means ceasing any conversations or turning off any electronic devices.

Turn Headlights On

California State driving laws have mandated that whenever the weather conditions call for rain, headlights must be on. This helps other drivers see your car and will also aid you in seeing the road ahead of you better.

Auto Injury Lawyer – Drive With Both Hands On the Wheel

It becomes habit to only use one hand while driving – but car crash lawyer in San Juan Capistrano Silverthorne Attorneys recommends that you should always drive with both hands on the steering wheel when conditions are unsatisfactory.

Car Crash Lawyer in San Juan Capistrano – Avoid Slamming on Brakes

Slamming on the brakes can cause your car to slide forward and will force water into your brakes, thus making them less effective.

If you have been in an accident are not sure what to do next, please contact Silverthorne Attorneys, your local car crash lawyer in San Juan Capistrano. Consultations are free!