How to Safely Drive in Heavy Rain

driving in the rain

Yesterday’s rainstorm was somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to Southern California weather. However, the downpour, the conditions on the road, and the confusion of the cars I saw, I thought it warranted some helpful tips. Driving in the rain, especially in Southern California can be difficult. Especially since most people are not used to it. I grew up in the Bay Area, so I was no stranger to driving in heavy rains. Since working for a car accident attorney, there are so many things I have learned about driving and staying safe — even in the rain. If you have been injured in an accident, contact a car accident lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys today. Consultations are free!

Car Accident Lawyer | Getting Your Car Ready

I know that most people in Southern California are not used to driving in the rain and getting their cars ready. However, getting your car ready for the intermittent weather will be tremendously helpful.

Keep Windows Clean and Clear

You should always make sure that your windows, especially your windshield, clean. the main reason being, streaks on your windows can impede your ability to see. and in the rain, when your wipers are going, it can make it extremely difficult to see. Here are some tips

  • Clean the inside and outside of your windows regularly to remove excess dirt;
  • If the windows fog up, turn the air conditioning on and aim the vents out the windows. I usually use the defrost function in my car. If it’s not raining too hard, open a window or two. This increases the airflow in the car.

Maintain Your Lights & Tires

This is one thing that I know I need to work on. Making sure your lights are in good working condition. You can maintain and fix these yourself. but if you can’t, you can take it to your mechanic and it likely won’t be a large fee. Check regularly to make sure that none of your lights have burned out. This includes your headlights, brake lights, tail lights, etc. and keep the cover to your lights clean and make sure that dirt and dust are not cake on.

When it comes to your tires, make sure you keep an air gauge in your trunk. and check your tread; especially when the roads are slicker. Your tread provides traction for your tires. and having good traction will help when the roads are slick from rain. When you get your car serviced, make sure your mechanic is checking your tires.

Car Accident Attorney | Driving For Conditions

Driving appropriately for the road and weather conditions is very important. Make sure you are using your windshield wipers when it is raining. the speed at which you decide to use your wipers is always up to you. Only you know what will be helpful. Also, make sure that you are checking and/or replacing your wipers when needed. With that being said, make sure the fluids for your wipers are also full.

Slow Down A Little

When it comes to the first real rainstorm of the season, you want to be careful. Your car and especially your tires are not used to the wet pavement yet. Wet roads reduce your traction and slowing down will help prevent any unnecessary accidents. Did you know that even a small amount of water on the road can cause the road to be slippery? This is because the water mixes with the oils on the ground, therefore causing the pavement to become slick. Driving too fast and/or not paying attention can actually cause you to hydroplane. Our car accident lawyer says that hydroplaning can cause you to lose control of your entire car and could be the cause of an accident.

Focus On The Road

When weather conditions are less than ideal, make sure you are focusing on the road. This is probably more important than ever. You want to make sure that you are distraction free. Too much going on in the car, along with road conditions can lead to an accident that causes serious injuries. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times;
  • Pay attention to what other drivers and pedestrians are doing;
  • Ignore your cell phone and any other electronic devices;
  • Don’t eat, read, or put makeup on while driving

When it’s raining, even if it’s in the middle of the day, turn your headlights on. This is so other drivers can see you. Just because you can see without them on, that does not mean that they can see you. There is nothing wrong with being a little extra cautious when it is raining.

That being said, try to allow a little more room between you and the car ahead of you. Not only will this give you more time to stop, but it prevents reduced visibility caused by spray from other vehicles. Even more so, leaving space will allow you to escape in case there is an accident ahead.

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