Electrical Accident Attorneys in Orange County, CA

Electrical accidents are more common than what is normally perceived. While a huge majority of electrical accidents are minor to mild in its severity yet there are several cases every year in California including that can get extremely serious and also fatal at times.

Electrical accidents are normally classified under the laws of personal injury, but it can also be associated with injury at workplaces, premises accidents and product liability. Victims of electrocution accidents can claim compensation just as how other untoward incidents would enable them to sue the person, people or organization responsible for it. All one would need is an electrical injury attorney in Lake Forest, California.

Nature of Electrical Injuries

Electrical accidents can be caused due to a plethora of factors. In the simplest of cases, a person may get an electric shock or mildly electrocuted while in serious cases electrical accidents can cause several personal injuries including bruises, hemorrhage, burn injury, fractures owing to physical shock, paralysis and many others.

What Can Cause An Electrical Injury?

The job of an electrical injury attorney is to get you the compensation you deserve that would cover your medical expenses and also for the trouble you have had to face and the personal injury for no fault of yours. To get you the desired results an electrical accident attorney would first identify the reason for the electrical accidents, hold the person or organization accountable and then form a case strategically so you can win the just compensation.

Electrical accidents can be caused owing to non maintenance of electrical fixtures or not fixing them properly after maintenance or repair, defective or unsafe equipment at workplaces, using improper electrical fittings such as using a three wire cord with a two wire plug, overloading due to negligence or ignorance, loose connections or faulty insulation, improper grounding and many others.

In many cases, electric shocks occur owing to blatant mismanagement such as no proper housekeeping leading to stacked up electrical tools and equipment or storing flammable items without much attention to how they should be kept and even the absence of hazard signs at homes and workplaces which can signal the passersby and others to steer clear of the stop or to tread cautiously.

Can You Win Compensation With A Electrical Injury Attorney?

Even if you were working with a set of equipment and have been injured owing to no fault of yours, the organization or the person responsible can be held accountable in the court of law.

Power Line Injuries with Metal Ladders

You may feel protected from power line injuries because you’re working several feet away from an electrical cable. However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that one source of such injuries and deaths involves metal ladders with workers located some distance from the line. In one case, a painter finished his work day by carrying his 20-foot long metal ladder from the home he was painting to his truck. The ladder came into contact with the electrical cable 21 feet above the ground. He was electrocuted fatally by 13,200 volts of power.

Employers have a responsibility to point out where power lines are located and to protect workers from contact with electricity. The NIOSH that they do at least the following:

  • When surveying worksites, calculate the heights and distances of power lines from work areas.
  • Prevent work near power lines when possible. Take into account the height of ladders and allow plenty of room for staging ladders under the lines. Workers must maintain a safe working distance from the lines.
  • Alert the appropriate utility companies if work is necessary near any live lines.
  • Prevent the use of metal ladders near power lines. Keep any electrically conductive materials at least 10 feet away for lines energized up to 50 kilo volts. For every 10 additional kilo volts, add 4 inches of distance for every 10 kilo volts.
  • If your employer neglects these and other safety steps, he’s liable if you are injured by a power line. Please contact us so we can advise you on your best options.

Electrocution Accidents in Pools

Silverthorne Attorneys should review your case immediately if your loved one was electrocuted while in a public or private pool in Orange County. These tragic incidents occur because of malfunctioning electrical equipment in the pool. Silverthorne Attorneys can pursue a claim or lawsuit against the liable parties which are typically the owner of the pool or water feature.

Silverthorne Attorneys are personal injury lawyers who handle electrocution injuries for clients in Orange County. We have offices in Ladera Ranch, Huntington Beach and Anaheim to help you and your family. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.