Encouraging Teens to Drive Safely

teen texting and driving

Being handed the keys to your parent’s vehicle or your own vehicle after receiving a driver’s license are a couple of the milestones in the lives of teenagers. Being able to drive on your own is certainly a major step towards independence, but teenagers should also know about all of the responsibilities that come with being a driver on the road.

As a parent, you can help your teen be more responsible on the road so they can avoid any accidents. Since teenagers learn by watching parents and others, experienced Mission Viejo car accident attorneys encourage you to follow all of the driving laws so they can model your safe-driving habits.

Seat Belt

When you are driving, you should always wear your seat belt. Your seat belt is one of the smallest things you can do to prevent any serious injuries or a death from occurring. You should tell your teen that wearing a seat belt is one of your new rules, and he or she must follow it whenever he or she is in a car. It does not matter if your teen is the one driving or not, a seat belt must always be worn. When you tell your teen this, you should also make a commitment to do the same at all times.


For young drivers, some of them enjoy driving around with several of their friends. the chances of an accident happening can increase when there are additional people in the car. If your teen is fairly new to driving, you should be aware of how many passengers they plan to have. the number of friends in the car should be limited until enough experience is gained.

No Phones

There are many states who prohibit cell phone usage, especially for the younger drivers. It does not matter where you are going, you should not drive while holding a cell phone to talk or text. Inform your teen that the only time you will allow him or her to use a cell phone in the car is when the car is parked, and the car’s engine is not on.

If you want to take it a step up, you can write down all of the rules that you have set. You both can sign and agree to these rules, and this will minimize any arguments that may happen.

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