Injury Attorney Examines Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian lane

The most vulnerable people on our roads are pedestrians. Pedestrians lack the steel cage and safety devices of cars. They also lack the speed and maneuverability of motorcycles. Even a low-speed collision can be fatal.

A pedestrian is anyone walking across the street. Therefore it is important that everyone be aware of the dangers that cars pose to pedestrians. This awareness promotes greater safety.

Factors contributing to car accidents with pedestrians are examined next:

Street Environment

Sometimes roads and streets are not well designed for pedestrian safety. Roads and highways, especially in rural areas, often have minimal to no shoulder room for pedestrians to safely walk on. Pedestrians rounding a blind curve are at high risk. In urban environments, traffic is more congested in terms of both pedestrians and cars. In such a busy environment, motorists are less likely to notice the lone pedestrian.

Many intersections either lack crossing lights or have poorly timed lights that allow inadequate crossing time. The lack of mid block pedestrian crossings force people to either jaywalk or walk long distances in order to use crossing lights at intersections. Poor sidewalks may force people with mobility problems to use the street. In addition, trees and bushes growing into sidewalks force pedestrians to go into the street to get around these obstacles. Some roads have no sidewalks at all.

Driver Behavior

Many drivers do not take pedestrians into account when they are on the road. Their driving is governed by the actions of other motorists and other factors. Many adjust their driving to pedestrians only as a last second reaction to avoid hitting them.

Motorists frequently drive too fast and drive in a distracted state of mind. Speed reduces reaction time, increases stopping distance, and increases the lethality of collisions with pedestrians. When coupled with distracted driving, the motorist is at high risk of injuring or killing a pedestrian. This is a risk that few drivers fully appreciate.

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