Firetruck Sirens: Are You Paying Attention?

firetruck and ambulance

When you hear sirens going off, a rule of the law states that you are supposed to slow down and pull to the side. a good reason for this is because police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances are expecting the roads to be clear.  Their urgent matters demand priority and a clear road.

Earlier this week a woman in an SUV crashed into a firetruck that was on its way to a house fire in Buena Park. the trucks lights and sirens were on, but that did not help prevent an accident from occurring.

For full details on the story, click here.

Each of us needs to learn to slow down on the road and try our best to be free of distractions – especially when authority vehicles are en route to a scene.  If you do not heed to the sound of a siren, you could end up in an accident or impede these vehicles from getting to their destination in a timely manner.

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