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The Right Fullerton Personal Injury Attorney for You

The right legal representative for you will be the one who cares the most. It takes serious dedication and passion for helping victims of negligence to ensure that every case gets the time it really takes to get it right. Silverthorne Attorneys gives each client this level of devotion.

We truly care about what happens to you and your family after suffering a traumatic incident. No one should have to suffer a bankruptcy or other financial distress because of someone else’s negligence.

To have us represent you with integrity and perseverance, please call today.

Be Wise to the Tactics of Insurance Companies

Most people will probably not be surprised that insurance companies look to pay out as little as possible to increase their profit margins. However, the way that they act when a person or business they insure comes under scrutiny for negligence is even more egregious.

In fact, Silverthorne Attorneys has seen how they will twist a victim’s statements against them in order to deflect the blame from their own client. Any statements you make to the defendant’s insurance agency can be used against you.

Having an experienced Fullerton bodily injury lawyer help you prepare your official statements is the only way to ensure that they can’t be twisted to make it seem like you were at fault. Without guidance and strong representation, victims who speak to the opposing insurance agency and their legal team are likely to end up with a poor outcome.

If you need a law firm that is experienced in dealing with tough opposition to achieve the highest possible compensation, please call us right away. We provide free consultations to anyone who needs guidance on how to best pursue their case.

Cash-strapped? We Have Got You Covered

With us, you never have to worry about not having enough money to start your case. We will start and pursue your case without requiring any down payment or money up-front. You only need to pay us out of the money that we win for you.

If we are unable to win you a financial award from the negligent party or their insurance, then you do not have to pay us at all. This allows you the opportunity to seek justice with a skilled plaintiff attorney without any risk.

This type of payment method is known as a contingency fee style of payment. Under this sort of payment, the fee is dependent on winning and is taken out of the lump sum won for you.

If you would like more details on how we can get your case started without requiring a down payment, please contact us now.

Severely Injured and Unable to Travel?

If you have been immobilized or are unable to travel due to the severity of your injuries, then we can come directly to you. We will send a talented personal injury lawyer straight to where you need them. You should never have to delay justice because you can’t come to a local office.

If you need to schedule a home visit from a caring injury attorney, please call us immediately. The sooner you have a strong representative working your case, the sooner you will get the funds you need to pay your expenses.

Finding a Compassionate Bodily Injury Attorney in Fullerton, California

Finding an accident lawyer who will work hard to get you the best possible outcome is tough. It can be very hard to wade through the numerous firms who approach cases as issues to be settled as quickly as possible, regardless of how low they must settle them for.

Our goal is to get you the highest possible amount of compensation. We care about each of our clients, and we want to get you a high sum that accounts for your medical expenses, emotional trauma, scarring, lasting disability, lost income potential, and lost quality of life.

We will always enter firm negotiations with the defense first, but we will go all the way to the Orange County Superior Court to ensure that you get compensated for all of your damages.

If you want a genuine accident attorney who will take your case as far as needed to get the outcome you need, please call us as soon as possible.

Watch Out for Congestion on Roadways

Any seasoned injury lawyer realizes that congested traffic situations often lead to accidents. It is very important that you try to avoid stress and feelings of being rushed when in such driving conditions.

Please don’t frequently change lanes unnecessarily or merge haphazardly. We want you and your family to be as safe as possible while out on the road.

Some areas are particularly prone to congestion and, therefore, dangerous driving conditions. Exit 27 off the Riverside Freeway that leads to Euclid Street near the Fullerton Marketplace is frequently congested, which leaves it vulnerable to rear-end collisions occurring. The beginning of North Brea Boulevard next to Hillcrest Park is also prone to dangerous congestion.

Rear-end accidents are frequently the result of sudden changes in speed but also occur when drivers change lanes suddenly and the driver behind them is unable to compensate. Try to always make sure you aren’t following vehicles in front of you too closely and are checking that there is enough space to properly merge into another lane.

Please make sure your friends and family also practice safe driving. If an accident still occurs due to a negligent driver, please contact us so that we can help.

Never Take the Law into Your Own Hands

If you or your loved ones were hurt by another person, we understand that you are likely quite angry as well as being emotionally devastated. However, any wise plaintiff lawyer will advise you never to approach the guilty party aggressively. Doing so will only harm your case.

Focus on caring for your loved ones or your own injuries. Make sure everyone who was hurt receives the emergency medical treatment needed. Watch for signs of slow-developing ailments or complications that could arise after the initial incident.

You will get justice with our strong legal representation, but you must avoid giving the defense any cause to attack your character and destroy your credibility. Avoid a confrontation at all costs.

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