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No matter how tough the case, we can help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries caused by the negligence of another person. We negotiate hard and pursue litigation through the Orange County Superior Court when necessary.

In cases of severe injury that results in incapacitation, we even travel to our clients directly to help them pursue justice. We do whatever we can to lessen their burdens.

If you are looking for an accident attorney who you know will do everything they can to get the best outcome for you, then please call Silverthorne Attorneys right away. We will start by giving you a free consultation that will answer any questions you may have.

3 Mistakes that Ruin Cases

There are three major mistakes that we have seen ruin cases. Any Garden Grove bodily injury attorney will advise that you must avoid these mistakes at all cost:

Taking justice into your own hands (aggression towards the defendant)

Lying to or failing to inform the police or emergency medical personnel

Not starting your case immediately with a dedicated firm

While these may seem fairly simple, in the stressful time surrounding an incident that brought harm to someone and their family, many are not thinking clearly.

Silverthorne Attorneys wants to remind you to do your best to stay calm after your experience. Please avoid doing anything that may jeopardize your case.

We can help by minimizing your stress while we do the work pursuing the evidence, documents, witness testimonies, and defendant details, while you focus on recovery.

We believe in putting victims of negligence first, and we never represent defendants or insurance companies. Winning you the money you need to cover your expenses and return to your regular life is our top priority.

When you are looking for a law firm who works hard to get you the highest amount of compensation, call us now for a free consultation.

Avoid Aggression – A Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer Tip

When someone has brought you harm due to their negligence, it is understandably upsetting. If someone has harmed your family, then every plaintiff lawyer understands you will likely feel very angry with the person who caused them harm.

However, it is never right to take justice into your own hands. Doing so will only weaken your case against the person whose negligence hurt you and those you love.

You should never initiate either a physical confrontation or activities that may amount to stalking. Leave all investigative activity up to a trained accident lawyer to arrange.

The best option is to focus on getting justice through the legal system. This starts with finding a law firm who will take all the necessary investigative steps to ensure that your expenses, affected future income, and lost quality of life are compensated.

Silverthorne Attorneys wins clients the funds they need for their lasting complications, scarring, emotional trauma, and other issues beyond their immediate medical bills.

If you want someone to take over your case who will pursue it tirelessly, please contact us now.

Always Contact the Proper Authorities and Never Lie

Be sure that the proper authorities are notified when you or your loved ones have been the victims of a negligent incident. Relevant agencies may include the local branch of animal control, food safety, or other public safety organizations. You should also reach out to a devoted injury attorney who can assist you in processing case details.

Don’t hesitate to call 911 for emergency medical assistance if you or your loved ones have suffered obvious injuries. You may also call for assistance if you notice signs of unusual behavior in yourself or your loved ones and are concerned about slow-developing complications like whiplash or concussion.

Be sure to always tell the truth about the incident to the authority agents who respond at the scene. A change in story later will be severely detrimental to your case.

The only organization you should not speak with is the insurance agency of the guilty defendant. Since they are working on the defendant’s behalf, they will use your statements against you if they can. It is very important that you have a seasoned personal injury attorney prepare official statements for you.

For further advice on making statements to the authorities, or to seek assistance in dealing with the defendant’s insurance agency, please call us now to schedule a free consultation.

Case Delays and the Statute of Limitations

Many don’t understand the concept of the statute of limitations. Essentially, there are legal limits that allow a certain amount of time to pursue justice after an incident has occurred. If no action is taken before this time expires, any legal rights to pursue justice will be forfeit.

This makes it very important to seek guidance on your case as soon as possible from a skilled plaintiff attorney. It can take time to build a strong case with enough evidence to ensure victory.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can win your case with a strong offense.

Keep Your Family Safe from Dogs While Outdoors

Dog attack injuries are seen by every experienced injury lawyer, and animals can cause a great deal of harm to humans.

While you and your family are out and about, please be sure to stay safe when around dogs or other animals that can inflict harm. Children are especially likely to suffer serious injuries during a dog attack, so it is critical that you watch them carefully when you are somewhere where dogs are also present.

Located just south of the Garden Grove Freeway, Garden Grove Park on Westminster Boulevard is known for being a place pet owners like to bring their dogs for outdoor activity. While there is a dedicated dog area, the entire park between Atlantis Way and Deodara Drive may experience dog intrusions.

Please be sure that your children know to never approach an animal without your consent and supervision. Additionally, watch for dogs who exhibit aggressive behaviors such as growling, baring teeth, and barking.

Teaching your children to recognize aggressive behavior in dogs can help prevent tragic accidents. We want you to keep your family’s outdoor activities as safe as possible.

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