How to Handle Jealous Dogs

jealous dog

In the past, as a dog attack attorney in Orange County, we have discussed how to handle aggressive dogs. What some dog owners are unaware of, is sometimes bites happen because the dog is jealous. Whether there is a new baby or animal in the house, or if they feel they are not getting as much attention. Our dog attack lawyer knows that jealously can oftentimes lead to bites. as a dog bite attorney, we know that when dogs see their humans giving other dogs or people attention, it can lead to jealous episodes. Hiring a dog bite lawyer will help preserve your rights. Below, we give you tips on dealing with jealous dogs. If you are suffering due to a dog bite, contact a dog bite injury attorney in our office today. Consultations are free!

Dog Attack Attorney | Redirected Excitement

Training can help tremendously when it comes to dogs acting in a jealous manner. One of the ways that can help is to try to redirect any jealous behavior or excitement that your dog may experience. Sometimes redirected excitement happens when your dog gets excited by something else. a dog attack attorney in our office suggests that this could be because they get riled up about something and they redirect their excitement to someone or something else. Any dog bite attorney can tell you that this is often confused as jealously. but it is just over excitement. in order to curb over excitement, try to identify what made your dog excited. After, try to put a stop to it. for example, if you have two household animals and one goes crazy when you enter the house, start training the dog to sit and remain calm when you enter the house.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Practice Obedience to Deter Jealousy

Practicing obedience can help greatly when it comes to handling a jealous dog. Teaching your dog to sit, stay, or lay down can prevent jealousy when someone or something else walks over to you. Rather than petting each animal at the same time, a dog bite attorney in our office suggests to take turns. If your dog starts to display signs of jealousy while your partner is snuggling with you, try to fit your dog’s head under your arm and instruct them to stay. After, release the dog and if they do not listen and still fights for your attention, ignore him until he is calm. the message this sends to your dog is that the dog will get his turn at attention. Only if he behaves.

Dog Bite Attorney | Separate the Animals

If you have a house with multiple animals and they begin getting jealous, the best thing to do is to separate them. We know, as a dog bite injury attorney, that this may not always be the best option. but if one of your dogs gets overly excited and rushes for your attention, regardless of telling them to stay or sit, you may need to separate the dogs. Separating dogs throughout the day is actually a good idea. Most dogs have the tendency to get into little “fights” just like siblings do. You can distract one with a bone or put one outside.

Dog Bite Lawyer | Keep the Same Routine

Keeping the same routine is very important to dogs. Dogs love having a routine and sometimes an interruption of it can cause them to act out. for instance, if you begin a new job and your dog is used to going for a walk at a certain time of day, it will throw them off. It may also cause them to act out of jealousy. as dog owners and a dog attack attorney, we know that they may begin to clamor for your attention. Especially when other people or animals are around. This is not always done out of jealousy. Sometimes it can be out of boredom or frustration. If you do change your dog’s routine, make sure you are doing it slowly so they can adjust to the change.

Dog Bite Injury Attorney | Figuring Out the Problem

One of the most important things to do, is to figure out just what is making your dog jealous. When you do that, then you can figure out what you want your dog to do instead. to start, have the jealousy dog sit or stay while you are petting the other dog. Then go back to pet the jealous dog. It is not always necessary to pet them both at the same time. Petting both can cause each dog to get too aggressive and bites are likely to occur.

You can also try to get the two dogs to be closer together. Knowing how they feel about their proximity to one another, can help them if they are feeling jealous towards another dog. They need to feel comfortable around each other as well as you.

Suffering from Injuries? Contact a Dog Attack Attorney!

If you are suffering due to injuries from a dog bite, you have rights. Sometime, as any dog bite injury attorney can attest to, dogs have the tendency to get jealous. That jealousy can then turn into a unintentional bite or attack. Changing behaviors through obedience training can make a world of difference when it comes to mastering bites and jealousy issues.