How to Avoid a Car Accident

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Car accidents happen all the time. and most of the time they are indeed, just an accident. Working for an auto accident lawyer, I write a lot about accidents focusing on one particular topic. However, today, I wanted to write a general article on how to avoid a car accident. We all know that accidents are preventable. If you are suffering from injuries due to an accident, please contact a car accident attorney in our office. Consultations are free!

Auto Accident Lawyer | Modify Your Driving

Sometimes, one of the most important things to do is to modify our driving. Here are some ways we can all modify our driving to make the roads safer.

Slow Down

Yes, I said it! This is because speeding actually reduces your reaction time and increases the likelihood of being in an accident. the faster you go, the harder it is for your to slow down. When you cannot slow down, you risk the possibility of causing an accident.

  • Another reason to avoid speeding: police officers stay hidden from view while looking for speeders. If you’re caught speeding, they will not hesitate to ticket you.

Stay in Your Lane

Defensive driving means that you let others go ahead of you and not defend your position in driving. Avoid the urge to show them up, in a sense and stay away from weaving and cutting others off by staying in your lane. Everyone thinks they are in a hurry. However, you do not want to operate under the thinking that you will “teach them a lesson.” This is because it most likely will not work and it may not only cause an accident, but it will trigger road rage.

Keep Both Hands On the Wheel

Yes, even though I work for an auto accident lawyer, I have a difficult time with this myself. I am right-handed, however I feel like I drive so well with just my left hand on the wheel. However, in my research I found that two hands on the wheel allows you more control over your car. Especially in the case of an emergency.

  • It is customary to keep your hands at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions.
    • It is not always the most comfortable position, but it is the most flexible of positions.

Don’t Tailgate

No matter how slow traffic is going, always remember to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Following too closely leaves you very little time to slow down. This is important during commuter traffic because oftentimes speeds are misleading. the car in front of you will speed up for a bit, only to slow down again. Also, if you don’t tailgate, you put less wear on your brakes and can save gas as well. the stopping and starting again is not good for your vehicle.

Use Turn Signals

Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, I can tell you, we don’t use our turn signals that often. When I moved to Southern California almost five years ago, I made it a habit to always use my signal. Even if you think no one is there, someone can come along while you are trying to make a turn. No one can guess what you are trying to do. When changing lanes on the freeway, don’t signal as an afterthought or during the lane change. Signal at least a few seconds in advance so others on the road know that you want to change lanes.

Keep Eyes Moving On the Road

Periodically shift your eyes to the side-view mirrors, the rear-view, and in front of you every 10-15 seconds. Doing this will help you spot any potential hazards on the road.

  • Helps predict what others on the road are doing. Paying attention to the cars ahead of you will let you know whether you will have to hit the brakes soon or not.
  • This helps to monitor blind spots as well.
    • Which makes it easier to know if it is safe or not to change lanes.

Drive in Curbside Lane in Street Traffic

Staying within the protection of the curbside lane can reduce the likelihood of an accident. This is specific for traffic in two-or-four-lane city streets. Seeing as you will only have traffic on one side of you, this prevents you from being boxed in during traffic.

Parking Between Two Cars Can Be Beneficial

This is because a lot of accidents occur in parking lots. Especially when people are leaving or trying to park themselves. If you park in a space without vehicles on either side, the likelihood of your car being hit actually goes up. However, if you park between two cars, you reduce the chance of other cars attempting to park next to yours and possibly hit it.

Personally, I like to park far away. I know this is not always ideal, however, I have noticed that people would rather park closer to the door. Even if that means they wait for people to leave and block others from being able to pass. Parking farther away from the door may be a bit of a walk, but it seems to prevent accidents because most people do not want to park there unless they absolutely have to.

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Being injured in an accident is stressful. That is why we are here to help. We believe that the most important thing after an accident is to focus on your health and getting your life back. You will never have to deal with insurance companies. That is our job. and if the insurance companies do reach out to you while you are represented by us, contact us and let us know. They know better. However, they can be very sneaky.

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