How to Keep Dogs Safe on a Hike in Mission Viejo

dog with man on hike

Warmer weather means that we can enjoy getting our exercise fix outdoors. and what better way to enjoy that than with our furry companions? Over the past few summers, Mission Viejo dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys has heard of numerous reports of dogs dying while out on the trail – the majority of these deaths are due to the heat. Every dog owner should know the following hiking basics before you hit the trail – no matter the weather!

Mission Viejo Dog Bite Lawyer | Before the Hike

  • Know whether or not your dog is fit enough to handle the hike.
  • Find the right trail. Not all trails are dog friendly – this is mostly because there is wildlife that will see your dog as prey.
  • Know how much your dog can carry – this is if you are using a saddlebag for your dog. Rule of thumb is that dogs who are young and healthy can carry about 25% of their weight.

Mission Viejo Dog Attack Lawyer | During the Hike

  • Keep your dog on a leash. This is a general rule in most hiking communities – it is considerate of others with and without dogs on the trail. You also never know what you may run into on the trail.
  • Watch what your dog drinks. Your dog is just as susceptible to water-borne diseases as you are, so it is best to keep an eye on what your dog is drinking. Dehydration can kill, especially in hot weather. to avoid dehydration, mix Pedialyte in with your dog’s water. Make sure you have more than enough water for you and your dog at all times and train your dog to only drink water from their bowl.
  • Invest in the right gear. If you are hiking in rocky terrain, make sure they have dog booties, even if they do not like it.
  • Dispose of waste. Your dog is your responsibility so when your dogs goes to the bathroom, clean up after them.
  • Consider tying a bell to their collar in case they get lost.

Mission Viejo Dog Attack Attorney | After the Hike

  • Look for ticks, burrs, or anything else that may be fixed onto your dog’s skin.
  • Give your dog a bath to make sure that nothing is hiding in their fur.

Making sure our pets are well taken care of while out for some exploration is a wonderful way to honor their place in our lives.

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