The Importance of Obedience Training

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Many of the dog bite cases that come into our firm have to do with domesticated dogs. as a dog attack attorney in Orange County, we can tell you that this is not uncommon. Most dog bites happen in or around the home of the animal. as we have previously discussed, dogs that are more prone to attack do so because they either lack training or feel anxious. Oftentimes, a dog attack attorney will see that the dog that attacks is not properly training. Hiring a dog attack lawyer after a bite will help to protect you and your rights as the victim. as a dog bite lawyer, we want to discuss the importance of obedience training. Not only for immediate family members, but for strangers as well. If you are suffering from injuries due to an attack, contact a dog bite injury attorney in our office today.

Dog Attack Attorney Silverthorne Attorneys | Importance of Training

There are a lot of misconceptions about training. a lot of people think that dog training is about basic training and so straight forward that anyone can do it. as a dog attack attorney, we can tell you that this is simply not the case. This is proven by how many dogs are surrendered to shelters for being disobedient.

Obedience training can be extremely beneficial for dog owners as well as those who come into contact with the animal.

The Benefits of Obedience Training

As a dog bite injury attorney, we have seen many positive outcomes of obedience training. Obedience training can help socialize your animal both inside and outside of the home. If your dog suffers from stress or anxiety at all, obedience training can help them be aware of their triggers. Training can also help them to socialize with other animals as well as with humans.

Training Saves Lives

Obedience training is tremendously important to helping prevent an attack. It is also helpful if the dog happens to get free of their collar on a busy road. Though dogs do not understand words, they do understand body language, tone of voice, and hand commands. Teaching commands like “heel” or “come” should bring them back to safety. Teaching commands can also help if the dog is in a situation where an attack seems imminent. a good dog bite attorney can tell you that a lot of our clients were familiar with the animal that bit them. Some attacks can turn deadly if the dog is not properly trained.

Training Can Reduce Stress

Obedience training can greatly reduce the amount of stressors that dogs come into contact with. Because dogs cannot speak, they display their anxieties and stresses in different ways. Biting and attacking can be one of those ways. Orange County dog attack attorney Silverthorne Attorneys knows that the better trained a dog is, the happier the dog will be. Your dog will also be able to handle their anxieties and stressors in other ways that are healthier than biting. Dogs who go through obedience training know what is expected of them. They also know what restrictions are put upon them – this means that attacks are less likely to occur.

Training Can Help Overcome Behavioral Problems

Many dogs get over excited to see people. This is a natural reaction of most domesticated animals. Other dogs have a tendency to get jealous of other people, pets, etc. and begin to act aggressively when they feel threatened. Behavioral problems can easily be modified with the correct obedience training. a trained professional will not only be able to help your pet, but will be able to help you as well.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Reasons to Train Your Dog

As we have seen, there are many benefits when it comes to obedience training. Since dogs now share homes with people and some of these homes have children, dog bite injury attorney Silverthorne Attorneys has some good reasons as to why obedience training is so important!

  1. Training helps you to not only build a healthier relationship with your dog, but it also helps your dog build healthy relationships with other people and dogs as well. Obedience training can also help owners establish their animal’s boundaries.
  2. Training helps to socialize your dog. Dog bite lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys knows that socializing your dog can benefit your dog greatly. Your dog will not only get enjoyment from their interactions, but they will learn what behaviors are and are not acceptable. Training you dog at a young age will give your dog confidence and will lessen the chances of dog bites and attacks. Socialization is about making sure that your dog is comfortable in social situations with other people and dogs.
  3. Training your dog helps with loyalty and companionship. Positive reinforcement does not mean that you mark the dog’s behavior. It means that you redirect your dog’s behavior to something more productive.

Dog Bite Attorney | Well Trained Dog’s Still Hear “No”

It has long been a misconception that good trainers do not use the word, “no.” as a dog bite injury attorney, we can tell you that this is simply not true. Obedience training helps owners foster the problems their animals are having. Effective trainers turn a poor behavior around without the use of force or fear. Dog trainers also do not stuff a dog with treats every time the dog’s behavior is turning around. that leaves the misconception that the dog should get a treat every time they do something right.

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