The Importance of the Turn Signal

Almost every morning as I am driving to work, I am cut off by at least three or four people – people who aren’t using their blinker to signal, “hey, I need to get over, make some room.” I, myself was born and raised in Northern California and I have to be honest, we rarely ever use our turn signals. It wasn’t until after I moved down to Southern California three years ago, and experienced what life was like on the freeways here, that I have a newfound respect for anyone and everyone who uses their blinker. I use my blinker to turn into my driveway now – every time – whether there is someone behind me, coming towards me, etc.

Using our blinkers should be an obvious choice. They are made so that we can signal to other drivers where we are heading and to avoid any unnecessary accident. Since cars are moving at very fast speeds, the neglect of turn signals can and oftentimes do cause serious accidents.

A study done by the Society of Automotive Engineers came to the conclusion that turn signal neglect is the case of millions of crashes a year. These finding are astounding, as they then have gone on to say that not using turn signals can be potentially more dangerous than distracted driving.

Turn signals should no longer be considered “optional,” and as the report is stated, “all drivers have an ongoing duty to use it, just as they have a duty to stop at a stop sign or at a red  light.”

Using turn signals and using them correctly is crucial these days – especially to avoid any accidents.

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