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Fullerton is known for being a college town. It is home to Fullerton College and California State University, Fullerton. Students in Fullerton frequently travel by bicycle to classes, the Carnegie library, Titan Stadium or to punk shows. the Fullerton Train Station, the Pacific Surfliner, and Metrolink commuter rail serve as their main mode of transportation when the trip is too long to make on a bicycle. as a busy city with St. Jude Medical Center and Raytheon as top employers, deliveries and commuter traffic can push bicyclists out of the roadways on those shorter trips. In July, 2013, a FedEx driver collided with a female bicyclist on Nutwood Ave in Fullerton, killing the bicyclist. The accident brought into question the right-of-way laws. And investigators initially stating that the bicyclist seemed to have had the right to pass. Our injury lawyer would be able to assist a family involved in such a wrongful death bicycle accident case by gaining the fair and just amount of damages for the incident.

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Silverthorne Attorneys is familiar with the leisurely way most bicyclists ride their bikes around Orange County, especially near CSUF. Our informed and responsible bicycle accident attorneys are also aware of the lack of awareness that distracted drivers have when they zoom past bicyclists without a second thought. Bicycle accidents can be fatal or they can cause serious trauma and injuries. Those injuries include but are not limited to severed spinal cords, crushed limbs, broken bones, road rash, and concussions, etc.

Being injured in an accident due to the negligence of another is not your fault. And you deserve the time and care it takes in order for you to heal from your wounds. Do not take your case on by yourself. Hire an experienced injury lawyer to help you with your case. We know all about the tactics the insurance adjusters will take in order to lowball your settlement offer. They do this because they are trying to save the insurance companies money while you are suffering.

As your injury lawyer, we are here to make sure you do not have to bear this burden alone. Contact an injury lawyer in our office today. Consultations are free!