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Since purchasing your new home in Orange County, to help pay the bills, you decided to pick up a second job on the weekends. After taking a part-time position as a daytime stocker at a local grocery store, your financial security has drastically improved.  Never being a minute late for work, you quickly become a favored employee in the eyes of upper management.

This Saturday is shaping up to be just like any other. Parking in your usual spot, you swiftly walk into the building and punch in at exactly two o’clock. Upon being asked to break down a couple pallets of new product, you head into the back room. Grabbing a jack in its designated spot, you venture over to the loading dock and seek out the aforementioned boxes. Gazing up at the numerous pallets, you quickly locate the product and notice that several of the boxes are unsafely teetering on the edge of the pile.

Suddenly, without you touching the stack, the pallet slips off the edge and comes hurdling down in your direction. Leaping out of the way, you narrowly avoid being crushed by the heavy boxes crashing against the cement floor. While looking over to assess the damage, a sharp pain screams out from the middle of your back. Unable to move, luckily, a nearby employee rushes over to you and dials emergency services. Realizing that you will be out of work, at both of your jobs, for the next several weeks, you nervously contemplate how you will be able to pay your bills.

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Have you recently been injured at work due to an unsafe work environment? If so, then you may be eligible for more than just workers compensation. While you are healing up, let our team of expert Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys at Silverthorne Attorneys get you the level of compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.