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Your Needs Should Always Be Considered

Nothing bothers a caring plaintiff attorney more than seeing victims cheated out of the funds they deserve for their suffering. Insurance companies that only care about the bottom line tragically fail some victims. Others are failed by insufficient legal representation.

At Silverthorne Attorneys, we make sure that we always do right by our clients, and every employee at our firm gives their all to ensure positive case outcomes for those who have suffered due to someone else’s wrongful conduct. The pride that we take in our work shows in the way that we aggressively push for our clients’ best interests through every stage of the legal process.

Please contact us to learn more about our commitment to helping victims of negligence. When you are looking for a bodily injury attorney who will truly listen to your needs and help you understand your legal rights, we are here to pursue what you deserve for your misfortune.

Are You a Match for Crafty Insurance Adjusters?

One of the biggest risks when trying to seek a settlement alone is that you will succumb to the tactics utilized by professional adjusters who are paid to save their companies money. Their companies are their top priority, so you must remember that they are not there to support your best interests. This is why having an experienced Irvine accident attorney on your side is so important.

Having an advocate on your side really can make the difference between receiving a poor deal and getting all the money you need to cover your true costs throughout your healing process. Some adjusters rush those who have suffered to send in their immediate medical bills and try to base compensation on these costs alone. However, if you have complex or lasting injuries, your immediate medical bills may be only a small portion of your total financial loss.

If you are not sure that you will get a fair deal that compensates you for all of the damage done from the at-fault party, please call us right away for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Your True Costs Can Be Immense

Realistically, serious injuries can cause victims to miss work, lose their jobs, lose their ability to work at all, and completely devastate their financial well-being. When the person injured is the primary income earner in a household, serious injury can be disastrous for the entire family.

We do not think that you should ever have to bear such a burden because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, and we will do everything we can to make sure that every financial loss you have suffered is corrected. You definitely deserve to be made whole again so that you can resume your normal life without debt or untreated medical concerns.

Types of compensation that a smart bodily injury lawyer can determine you may be entitled to include payments for pain and suffering, scarring, lasting disability or loss of function, long-term conditions that stem from your injuries, immediate and extended medical costs, lost income, and other such issues. Most insurance companies will only make offers that include all of these considerations if you have a determined personal injury lawyer pushing for them on your behalf, and we are particularly successful at getting everything covered even in difficult cases.

You can learn more about how we can get a better deal for you by contacting us now.

Your Case Should Be Started by an Irvine Plaintiff Lawyer ASAP

When they are not rushing you to settle before your entire costs are known, the other tactic that some insurance companies employ is to drag cases out. Why do they do this? Well, the more time that passes since the accident, the more likely it is that those involved will start to forget important details and be unable to make statements that repeat the same details clearly (which can be used to cast suspicion on the event described).

It also becomes more likely that important documents will be lost and victims will see piling bills that make them desperate to settle for less than they deserve. You must not play into these types of games if you want to make sure that all of your losses are recovered, and the easiest way to ensure that you will not be taken advantage of is to have a seasoned personal injury attorney working for you.

Do Not Sign Over Your Entire Medical History

Insurance adjusters will often overstep their bounds by asking you to sign an authorization giving them access to your complete medical history. They often claim that it will help “speed up” your claim, but any medical information given to them will be scrutinized to see if pre-existing conditions or prior medical issues can be used to minimize your current claim.

Please know that you are definitely not required to hand over your full records to them, and doing so is not advised without the explicit recommendation of a trained accident lawyer who understands the specific case circumstances. The only health documents that should be relevant to the case are those regarding the injuries sustained and treatment received from the negligent incident that caused them.

Child Safety from an Injury Lawyer in Irvine, California

We at Silverthorne Attorneys would like to remind you to keep child safety practices in mind. If you have children or even have them visit your home on occasion, please watch for choking, drowning, and poisoning hazards in or near your home that could result in a child tragedy.

Safety items like helmets and flotation devices should be used for recreational activities, and seat belts or proper child restraints should always be worn in motor vehicles.

As a driver, you must remember that children often forget to look both ways before entering a roadway because they can be easily distracted. Therefore, if you are near areas where children are likely to be, you should be particularly alert. Areas where this is true include areas like schools, which usually have safety zones and signs, as well as parks, like College Park and Bill Barber Community Park, and other recreational areas.

Parking lots are also a place where you should drive carefully due to not being able to see children running out from the space between parked cars. Heritage Plaza Shopping Center is a perfect example of an area where many families shop, so going slow in this sort of area is important to keep children safe.

We Are Here for You When You Need True Advocacy

Nothing makes us prouder than putting in a hard day’s work that advances the cases of those who need help getting the compensation necessary to resume their regular lives. We want you and your family to thrive after your accident, and we believe that you should never be left to suffer alone. Our dedication to clients knows few bounds, and we truly do everything we can to get the best possible deal for them.

If this is how you want an injury attorney to handle your case, please call us soon for a no-cost consultation.

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