Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs

kid playing with dog

Most homes have dogs as part of their family. a dog attack attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys knows that dogs make wonderful companions when they are treated with respect. Most dogs are friendly. but we have seen, as a dog attack lawyer in Orange County, that there are some who bite. We know that dogs will bite if they are feeling uneasy, fearful, frustration, etc. as a Southern California dog bite attorney, we believe that it is vital to recognize the signs of an uncomfortable dog. Seeing as children are generally the targets of bites, our dog bite lawyer has put together some tips to keep kids safe around dogs. If you are suffering from injuries, contact a dog bite injury attorney today.

Dog Attack Attorney | Safety Tips for Children and Dogs

Making sure that children are safe around dogs is extremely important. We know, as dog attack attorneys that children are sometimes unaware of how rough they can be with dogs. and dogs never bite without giving some kind of warning first.

  • Make sure children do not touch a dog that they are not familiar with. Most children, when they see a dog, will go up to it. We strongly urge them not to. as a dog attack lawyer, we urge them to ask the owner if it is okay to touch the dog.
  • If your child has permission to pet the dog, allow the dog to come to them. Teach them to not invade the personal body space of the dog. Allow the dog to sniff your closed fist. If the dog does not want to greet you, respect their decision.
  • Do not allow your child to put their face close to a dog’s.
  • Some dog’s feel intimidated by staring. Dog attack lawyer, Silverthorne Attorneys, suggests to look briefly and then look away. These are signals that can calm a dog. They also show that you are not a threat.
  • Make sure that the children are not teasing the dog. This can make a dog very aggressive and upset.

Dog Attack Lawyer | How to Act Around Dogs

  • It is best to not touch a dog that is tied up or left at the end of a chain in a yard, outside a store, etc.
  • If you or your child sees a dog on the loose in the neighborhood, tell someone immediately. Do not try to touch or catch the dog on your own.
  • Do not touch a dog while it is eating. Most animals are very protective of their food and the time they have to eat.
  • Try not to disturb a dog while they are sleeping. This is not unlike when we are sleeping. We do not like when people try to wake us up and we get cranky. the same goes for dogs. Unfortunately, dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys can tell you that when dogs get cranky, they bite.
  • Do not take a bone or toy away from a dog if they are playing with it. This goes along with teasing. a dog can accidentally jump up on you, knock you over, or bite
  • Most dogs do not like being hugged. There was actually a study done that says that hugging dogs gives them anxiety. Hugging in “dog language” is usually a sign of wanting to fight.
  • Try not to engage in rough play. This can lead to accidental bitings and being knocked over.

Suffering from Injuries? Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer!

Being bitten by a dog is stressful for anyone. for children, it can be confusing. Especially when the child was only trying to play. a dog bite lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys wants to make sure that you take every precaution necessary. Most bites come from dogs we are familiar with. This could just mean that they are stressed and do not know how to deal with their triggers.

If you or a family member are suffering from injuries due to a dog bite, contact us today. a dog bit injury attorney in our office will help you with your case. Consultations are free.