How Kids Should Interact with Dogs in San Clemente

boy walking with dog

Many dog bites cases that involve children can actually be avoided. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children to respect animals and not taunt or tease them. However, we do know that accidents happen. Even when you train your dog accordingly. Even though some family dogs will tolerate and put up with certain behaviors from the little ones, some dogs may not. Below, San Clemente dog bite attorney, Silverthorne Attorneys, has put together some things to remember about how children SHOULD interact with dogs.

San Clemente Dog Bite Lawyer | Teaching Children How to Interact With Dogs

  • Teach your child to be polite and kind to pets.
    • This is something that can also be related into their everyday life with their friends.
  • Teach your children how to recognize when a dog is scared or anxious.
    • Social cues also help in everyday life.
  • Play appropriate games with your pets like:
    • Fetch
    • Training tricks
      • rollover, shake, beg, etc.
    • Take your dog for walks and runs – it helps them to release energy
    • Play hide-and-seek

Make sure that your kids are not rough housing with the dog. Especially if you see that the dog is stressing out or getting irritable.

Always remember to:

  • supervise all interactions – accidents can and do happen in a split second
  • train your dog to associate children with positive experiences so they will be more tolerable of the children

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