How to Make a Dog Stop Biting

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We know, as a dog attack attorney, that nipping and biting in dogs is mostly normal behavior. However, just because it is normal behavior, that does not mean that this behavior does not need to be addressed by the owner. We have seen many instances in which dogs bite because they are scared, excited, being protective, etc. We believe, as a dog attack lawyer, that it is important to learn why the dog is biting. It is also just as important to learn the steps to prevent the dog from biting. Healing is one of the most important things after you suffer from a dog bite. Every dog bite lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys knows that there are not only physical pain but emotional pain after an attack. Never hesitate to contact a dog bite attorney in our office. Consultations with a dog bite injury attorney are free!

Dog Attack Attorney | How to Prevent a Dog Bite

There are quite a few ways to prevent dog bites. Though it may take some patience with your dog, it is always worth the extra effort.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

There are more than one reason to spay or neuter your dog. Sometimes it is for health reasons. Sometimes it is the fact that they will be less likely to bite or attack. Spaying and neutering changes hormonal levels in your dog. This results in more docile behavior. Your dog’s instinct to wander and fight with other dogs will be greatly reduced. Neutering your dog lowers its testosterone levels. Which in turn makes male dogs less aggressive.

Don’t Allow Your Dog to Wander Off

Making sure that your dog is safely contained in your yard is part of being a responsible pet owner. You do not need to tie them to anything, but make sure that your dog is in a safe place. This helps to not only protect your dog, but it helps to protect other pets and people as well. If you want them to be in the front yard, make sure there is a fence high enough to keep them in.

  • A dog attack attorney in our office suggests that you do not allow your dog to roam freely.
    • As a dog attack lawyer, we know that it can be difficult to not allow your pet to roam freely. We suggest allowing to roam free in their own yard where it is safe.
  • Keeping your dog contained will lower the risk of them encountering and fighting with other pets they are unfamiliar with.
  • Being kept secure and on a leash will lower your dog’s chances of biting or fighting with other animals when you are away from your home.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Avoid Stressful Situations

Most pet owners are already aware of their pets’ stressors. If you know that there is a chance that your dog may bite, avoid situations that may cause them stress. Our dog bite attorney suggests that you monitor your dog’s behavior. If you see these behaviors manifesting, our dog bite lawyer suggests leaving the area that is causing them stress.

  • Dog bite injury attorney | Don’t introduce too many new people or animals if that causes stress for you dog.
  • Dog attack attorney | Most large crowds and places with too many stimulants can stress dogs out. Make sure to avoid bringing your dog into situations you know will make them uncomfortable.
  • Dog bite attorney | Though avoiding stressful situations is a good idea, it is best to train your dog to relax in situations that would otherwise be uncomfortable.
  • Dog bite lawyer | Have a safe place where your dog can go to relax. A place that is just their own.

Dog Bite Attorney | Take Your Dog to Obedience Training

Taking your dog to obedience training classes is a great way to prevent dog bites. It also helps you to bond more with your dog and it allows your dog to know that you are in command. These classes teach you and your dog to work together to prevent dog bites.

  • Dog bite injury attorney | This is great for your dog to be socialized with other dogs and people.
  • Dog attack lawyer | Your dog will learn how to deal with their fears and stressors. You will also learn the tools to help your dog deal with their stressors.
  • Dog bite injury lawyer | You will learn how to properly reward or punish their behaviors.

This is a great time for your dog to socialize with other animals and humans. Most dogs don’t bite for no reason.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Train Your Dog to Stop Biting, Mouthing, & Nipping

One of the most important things is to figure out if your dog’s mouthing is playful or aggressive. All dogs engage in playful mouthing. Learning the difference between playful mouthing and aggression will go a long way.

  • Playful mouthing shouldn’t hurt.
  • The dog’s body should be relaxed if they are being playful.
  • Aggressive biting will be accompanied by tense and stud body language.
  • An aggressive bite has the tendency to be quicker, harder, and more painful.

Dog Bite Injury Attorney | Teach Your Dog to Be Gentle

Any good dog bite lawyer can tell you that dogs are pack animals by nature. They learn from playing with each other when they are very young. Though it is normal for your puppy to play bite, you will still want to teach them not to.

  • If you are bit or mouthed a little too roughly, let out a high-pitched yelp, as a dog would do.
  • Stop playing for a few seconds.
  • Praise your dog and resume playing once they have calmed down.
  • If your dog will not stop after you yelp, leave and try again later.
  • Use the time-out method in order to curb mouthing and nipping.
  • Place your dog in a space by themselves for ten to twenty seconds so they will calm down.

Dog Bite Lawyer | Consistently Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

As important as it is to correct bad behaviors, it is also very important to let your dog know when they are behaving. Always be sure to praise your dog for stopping to nip or bite. This can be done with small treats or extra affection.

  • Be sure to reward behavior that you want to encourage.
  • Keep treats handy so that you can easily reward your dog while training.
  • Try not to overfeed your dog. Use only small treats.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Select Your Dog’s Toys Carefully

We know that it is normal to want to wrestle with and play tug of war with your dog, however, this can send mixed messages while you are training. This can make it more difficult for them to curb their biting instincts.

  • Instead of allowing your puppy to gnaw on your fingers, give them a chew toy or a bone to gnaw on.
  • Think carefully about playing tug-of-war. This can lead to dominance issues.

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