MedPay on Car Insurance

medpay insurance

Many times people have auto insurance to cover damages for their car. However, they might forget that their auto insurance will not cover physical damages.

Usually people will turn to their health insurance to take care of these injuries. Even when there is a specific form of insurance made for those who are hurt in car accidents.  It is called MedPay.

From a general perspective, MedPay (Medical Payments to Others) is often overlooked and has been deemed as unnecessary. However, when you are the one experiencing car damages as well as any type of bodily injury, then MedPay will be a saving grace for you. It is reliable form of insurance that follows through with new and unexpected medical bills you accrue.

You will need it more if a family member or another passenger happens to be riding in your automobile during the time of the accident. If injuries are caused because of the car accident it will work, even if the limit is below $25,000. Nevertheless, it is exceptionally helpful no matter who is at fault. Another example of how handy MedPay is: if you are in a carpool picking up your child and one of their friends, and a car rear ends you, and all three of you were injured, MedPay would be there to help all those injured in the accident.

You Might Be Wondering, “How Many Cars Can MedPay Cover?”

An important factor to remember about MedPay is that it must be purchased on a “by vehicle” basis. If you want it, you will need to make sure each car you own is covered.

New York Times, did a study stated that the average American owns “2.28 vehicles per household, and more than 35 percent of Americans own three or more cars.” Assuming those averages are correct, you probably have at least 2 cars to think about getting insured.

While MedPay will not substitute health insurance, it can help tremendously.

If you still think you will not be needing this, think about all those who ride along with you in your car.  Think of how their life, yours included, might be saved because you had a form of insurance to take care of them from an unexpected car wreck.

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