Accidents and Unexpected Medical Bills

medical bills

If you are ever in an automobile accident, you should be mindful of the medical bills might come up if you or someone else suffers injuries. As an injury lawyer, we believe you should know this for two reasons. Because of the injuries that were sustained and if you have the necessary medical coverage.

The following are five common injuries when people get into an automobile accident:

Scrapes and Cuts

These can be caused by just about anything inside your car. Any debris that can fly around the car after a collision like a pen, paper, children’s toys, eyeglasses, a purse, the list goes on. Be sure to place loose things in your glove compartment or in any side storage pockets the car might have in the doors or behind the seats.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These types of injuries involve your muscles and ligaments. Usually they are stretched out more than your body is used to or because of sudden movements on the head and/or neck. More often than not, back pain is a common reaction and consequence due to an automobile accident.

Chest Injuries

Chest pains are common if someone is thrown forward in a collision. If you are the driver, you might hit the steering wheel and hit your head back on the head rest. But in general, you might suffer chest pains due to the seat belt holding you and keeping you from flying out of the automobile.

Arm and Leg Injuries

Your arms and legs can be thrown around just as easily as any other part of your body. Sometimes the injuries can be simple scrapes and bruises, and other times it can be broken bones. Your legs usually will not have much room to move around – depending on what kind of car you are in. Your arms, on the other hand, could fly just about anywhere inside the vehicle.

Head Injuries

This could arguably be the most serious area of the body to be damaged in a car crash. There are many parts of the head and face that can be affected – eyes, ears, mouth, nose, brain, chin, and so on. Again, not every head injury you may suffer will be severe, but depending on the angle of the collision and the speed of the impact, you could experience more than just a concussion.

Be sure you have the right kind of coverage for automobile accidents so that your insurance can cover the potential medical bills that might come with a collision you hope is never going to happen. The idea is to be prepared ahead of time and you will be glad that you were ready if the time comes for you to use it.

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