Mistakes Made After an Accident

As an auto injury attorney, we hear all kinds of car crash cases; and oftentimes in cases we take on, there are honest mistakes that people make after an accident that will minimize the amount of settlement a car accident lawyer in Mission Viejo can get for their clients. Chances are pretty good that each of us will be involved in at least one fender bender in our lifetime. No matter the circumstances or who is at fault, it is always smart to contact an auto injury lawyer for a free consultation and so you know where you stand – as far as collecting any damages, if necessary. Orange County auto accident attorney, Silverthorne Attorneys, have put together some common mistakes that people make after an accident that may end up costing you more than anticipated. Hiring and auto accident lawyer does not have to cost you an arm and a leg; consultations are free!

Auto Injury Lawyer – Five Common Mistakes People Make After a Car Crash

Not Taking Photos

A well versed auto injury lawyer will tell you that one of the first mistakes people make is not taking pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so when a crash occurs, take photos of EVERYTHING! Take pictures of the other vehicles involved from every angle; get pictures documenting the area the crash occurred. These will be helpful in supporting your version of the accident, road conditions, and any other identifying factors that an auto accident lawyer can help with your case.

Auto Injury Attorney – Not Calling the Police

When it comes time to involve insurance companies and a car accident lawyer in Mission Viejo, it is always helpful – for everyone involved in the case – to have a police report on file. Even if you think there is only minor damage, the police report is and official record of the accident. Once the other driver pulls away, it is your word against theirs. Police reports will help your auto accident attorney with your case.

Car Accident Lawyer in Mission Viejo – Not Getting Enough Information

Though any good auto accident will tell you that a police report is important, they cannot just rely on the police report to provide all of the information you and your insurance company will need in order to pursue a claim.

The minimum information that will be useful to your auto injury attorney to file a claim are the following: name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and insurance information of any other driver involved in the accident. It is not uncommon to ask for the other driver’s proof of insurance – ask to see it, take down the name as it appears on the card, as well as the insurance company name and policy number. Get any information you possibly can from any passengers and/or witnesses.

Auto Accident Lawyer – Not Accepting Medical Help

It can oftentimes take a day or two to feel the ramifications of a car accident. Injuries sustained, even in just what is deemed a “minor” accident, can still have serious consequences. as a car accident lawyer in Mission Viejo, we encourage those who have been injured in an accident, whether minor or not, to seek help from a medical professional. Also, a record of the exam will help to bolster any claim you may need to make down the road.

Auto Accident Attorney – Never Admit Fault

NEVER admit you are at fault – always assume that the other driver and their insurance company are going to sue. Allow all of the facts to be gathered by police and insurance investigators to determine blame – the blame could very well be the other driver’s and not yours.

Remember, if you need help after an accident, please contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free!