Common Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

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Most people are unaware, but there are common mistakes that people make that can actually hurt their personal injury case. as a local San Clemente personal injury attorney, we see these mistakes happen all of the time. That is why it is always in your best interest to hire an experience personal injury attorney who can help you with your case. a highly trained and revered personal injury lawyer in San Clemente will be able to help you through the process so that you don’t make these following mistakes. as a personal injury lawyer, we have put together some common mistakes that can potentially harm the outcome of your case.

Little Mistakes Can Make a Huge Difference to Your San Clemente Personal Injury Attorney.

  • Lying about anything that has to do with your case can hinder the work that your personal injury lawyer is doing for you. You always want to tell the truth to the best of your ability, to your lawyer, to the insurance companies, paperwork, etc. the defense’s lawyer may end up hiring a private investigator if they are finding inconsistencies in your account of what has happened.

Personal Injury Attorney – Talking About Your Case

Talking about your case with anyone other than your attorney is advised against. This is because the at-fault driver’s attorney or insurance company may get ahold of you at any given time – so talking about your case with anyone other than your personal injury attorney is to be avoided.

Personal Injury Lawyer in San Clemente – Avoid Posting to Social Media

Most people use social media as a way to vent out all of their frustrations, which can be understandable, but when it comes to posting about your claim, it is best to leave the frustrations off of the internet. This is because anything that you say (post) on social media can be used against you in your case and the defense attorney as well as the insurance companies will gather as much information as they possibly can. as a personal injury attorney, we recommend that you deactivate from social media until the case has been resolved.

Personal Injury Lawyer in San Clemente – Not Reporting Prior Injuries

This is incredibly crucial for your personal injury attorney because any injuries that you sustained before the accident may have been exacerbated during your accident. Withholding this information can actually do more harm than good to your case.

Getting Rid of Evidence

This pertains to anything, anything that may help your case – photographs, prescriptions, casts, medical bills, etc. Keeping all documentation as to what your injuries and/or medical bills will actually help in your case.

Do Not Neglect to Document Your Injuries

This is incredibly important! You can do this through keeping an injury/pain journal. Taking pictures or keeping a video diary. These are actually crucial to helping your lawyer – as it presents them with the necessary evidence as to the severity of your injuries and what kind of damages you should be allowed.

The most important thing of all is that you feel comfortable with and can trust your personal injury attorney. After all, they are here to help you get the best possible settlement.

If you have been injured in an accident and are in need of an Orange County personal injury attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free!