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Motorcycle Accident Do’s and Don’ts

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Though most bikers don’t head out onto the open roads expecting to get into an accident, it is always smart to be prepared. So our accident lawyer put together some “do’s” and don’ts.”  Just in case you happen to find yourself getting into an accident.

  • The first thing you want to do is check for any injuries. Make sure you are able to move and if there are other party’s involved, make sure everyone is safe. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately.
  • If possible, move out of the way of other vehicles on the road – this is so there isn’t a back-up of traffic but also to prevent any other accidents. Used hazard lights, flares, or any other kind of warnings to alert traffic.
  • Exchange information with any other party’s involved. Get any names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, etc. from all party’s. Also make sure to note any plate numbers, car make and model.
  • If anyone is seriously injured, call the police. Filing a police report at the scene will be vital in the efforts to recover any damages to your bike, clothing, or even injuries sustained.
  • Try to remember specifics of the accident. This may be difficult to do right after an accident, but if you can, try to recall when, where, how, etc. Since memories fade, especially during times of stress, gather as much information as you can immediately following the crash.
  • Don’t admit fault. This is very important! Most of the time, it is unclear what the cause of the accident was. That is why it is crucial to contact the police – after the police have gathered the statements of all party’s involved – that is when “fault” can be determined.

Each step can be difficult to remember after an accident, especially if you have been injured – just remember that the most important thing is to make sure you are okay and to seek medical attention if you need.

Motorcycle Accidents: Safety on the Road

Reports show that there were over 5,000 people killed in motorcycle accidents in 2015. That is a 10% increase from 2014. Furthermore, it is close to an all time high of 5,300 in 2008. Many, if not all of these fatal accidents are preventable. Education on motorcycle safety and prevention will greatly decrease the number of motorcycle related deaths in the United States. So our accident lawyer has put together some facts.

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Common Causes of Accidents

  • Head on collisions between a car and motorcycle
  • Cars making left-hand turns
    • these account for 42% of motorcycle accidents
      • the turning car strikes the motorcycle as the motorcycle is going through an intersection, passing a car, etc.
  • Motorcycle lane splitting – when the motorcycle drives between two lanes of stopped or slowing moving cars
    • this can happen because of the close proximity of the motorcycles to the cars and the reduced space that the motorcycles have to maneuver in
  • Speeding and alcohol use
  • Road hazards and/or bad weather conditions

Safety Tips

  • Utilize the turn signal
  • Make sure there is enough room between cars and the bike
  • Wear a helmet
  • Do your best not to speed
  • Don’t ride when weather conditions are not ideal

It is interesting to note, that even though California has implemented a helmet law, helmets are only effective 67% of the time when it comes to preventing serious brain injury.

How to Prevent Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

There are actually quite a few things you can do to prevent injuries in a motorcycle accident. And more importantly, you can prevent a motorcycle accident altogether. Working for an accident lawyer, I know that as a motorist it is important to be a little extra careful on the roads these days. With the weather getting warmer, more and more people are out on their motorcycles. In fact, on my way into work this morning, I saw at least five motorcyclists. Below I have put together some tips on how to stay safe on a motorcycle. As well as how to prevent serious injuries. If you are suffering from injuries due to a motorcycle accident, contact a car accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys to discuss your case. Consultations are free.

Accident Lawyer | Preventing an Accident

Below are some tips on how to stay safe and prevent accidents and serious injuries.

Wear Protective Gear

First thing’s first for safety. Always make sure that you are wearing protective gear. This includes a helmet, a thick jacket and pants, padded gloves, etc. This is whether or not you are the driver or the passenger. Being on a motorcycle, you are more exposed to the elements. So wearing protective gear will minimize your risk of serious injuries and could potentially save your life should you get into an accident.

Helmet Stats:

  • 40% of motorcyclists are less likely to die from a head injury if they wear a helmet;
  • 15% of motorcyclists are less likely to suffer nonfatal injuries in they wear a helmet.

Don’t Drink & Bike

Like driving a vehicle under the influence, it is never okay to drink and operate a motorcycle. Not only is it dangerous, but it is also against the law. You are also more likely to get involved in an accident if you ride while under the influence. Consuming alcohol will reduce reaction speeds, greatly affects balance, and impairs judgment. If you ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol you put yourself and others at an increased risk of injury or death.

Some things to Consider:

  • 29% of motorcycle crash fatalities involve a rider with a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit of 0.08%;
  • One-third of motorcycle accidents are the result of a rider being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident;
  • Motorcyclists between the ages of 20-24 years of age experience a higher rate of alcohol-related crashes than any other age group.

Adjust Your Riding to Road Conditions

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I don’t see as many motorcycles on the road when the weather is less than ideal. However, sometimes the weather in Southern California can be unpredictable. And it can be easy to lose control of your motorcycle when there is precipitation or conditions of decreased visibility. It is best to reduce your speed in weather conditions that are not ideal. Though you cannot predict the weather or what other drivers are going to do, keeping your distance from other vehicles will give you more time to react.

Turn carefully as you are more likely to lose traction around corners if the road conditions are wet. It is best to reduce this risk by staying as upright as possible when turning or cornering in bad weather.

Be Cautious & Use Good Judgment

As a motorcyclist you kind of have to pay a little extra attention on the roads. That is because a lot of drivers have a tendency to act aggressively towards them. Obeying traffic laws, adhering to posted road signs, and avoiding risky maneuvers is very important. A lot of accidents are attributed to reckless behaviors on the part of the motorcyclist. Here are some tips to being safe and using good judgment:

  • Do not speed. More than a third of motorcycle accidents are attributed to speed. Speeding will reduce your ability to control the bike, increases necessary stopping distance/time, and will increase the likelihood that a crash will be fatal;
  • Use a signal when turning or merging. Failure to use turn signals when merging or turning a motorcycle will increase the likelihood that another motorist will accidentally hit you. No one can assume where you are going.

Ride Defensively

Most crashes are due to the fact that the other drivers on the road are driving too reckless and aggressive. Cars merging or turning suddenly, or even purposefully getting in the way of a motorcycle pose the most risk to riders.

  • If you have to, use your horn and lights in order to make your presence known. By having your headlights on, you will be visible to other motorists on the road;
  • Scan traffics ahead of you so that you are prepared to slow or brake your motorcycle when necessary. This is the same for all other motorists. However, it is especially important for motorcyclists because you have less protection. If you see a lot of brake lights or obstructions on the road ahead, you can then anticipate any necessary actions you need to take in order to prevent an accident.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

When you are suffering from injuries due to a motorcycle accident, you are going to need an experienced accident lawyer to help you get the settlement you deserve. Contact us at Silverthorne Attorneys. Our car accident attorney will discuss the details of your case and make sure that you get the settlement you need in order to recover from your injuries.

If you are suffering from serious injuries due to the negligent actions of another, contact a car accident attorney in our office today. Consultations are free!

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