No Leash Dog Beach: Is it Safe?

dog beach

Our dog bite lawyer reports that dog owners can now accompany their dogs without a leash at a small waterfront at the end of the Santa Ana River in Newport Beach.

This changes a 41-year-old law that once prevented dogs from roaming free around the shore. This will be the second beach in Orange County to allow this change. Though there are not any accounts of dogs having been bitten or pet owners suffering from a bite – it is a cause for concern from the community. Asking, “is it safe to have these animals roam free of their owners?”

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Dog owners are overjoyed to have this opportunity to take their dogs where they can run, play, and interact with others dogs and owners as well. Though this is great news for owners and dogs alike, there are some newfound responsibilities that go along with taking the leash off your dog at the beach. the county asks that you clean up after your dog, if there happens to be any droppings left behind and please make sure to train your dog – so as to prevent any accidents from occurring during your outing at the beach.

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