Police Officer Seriously Injured

A City of Orange Police Officer was injured when he was struck by a woman driving a Hyundai Sedan as he was investigating another case. as a Mission Viejo car accident attorney, we see cases like this one all the time.

The officer, who has yet to be identified, responded to a vehicle blocking the roadway in the 500 block of North Cambridge in the city of Orange and discovered a man was asleep behind the wheel. the Officer was standing outside of his vehicle when the woman’s Hyundai collided with him and his patrol car. Investigators believe that alcohol may have played a major factor in the incident. the man that was asleep in the vehicle was not harmed and it is unclear what the Officer’s injuries are at this time.

The CHP are asking that any witnesses to the crash, please contact them at (714) 567-6000 with any information that may help investigators.

There is still not any current information as to the health status of the police officer, but a GoFundMe account was set up for him and his family, click here.

Driving under the influence, even if buzzed driving, puts everyone at risk. Not only other drivers, pedestrians, etc. but it can put you in danger and any passengers in your car if you choose to driver under the influence. Stay safe this holiday season. Call Über, Lyft, a cab, have a designated driver that you know you can rely on. Think before you drink and drive. Don’t cause any unnecessary accidents.

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