Injury Lawyer: Preventing Slips And Falls

slip and fall accident

Slipping and falling is one of the most common of accidents. Given that the average person walks about 7500 steps a day in a variety of situations, the occasional slip and fall is inevitable. The injuries suffered can vary from a bruise to a serious brain injury or even death. The injury’s severity depends on how you fall, whether the ground or floor has objects that complicate your landing, your age, your physical condition, and many other variables. Falls may occur because of inattention or because of hazards in a public setting such as a store.

The slip and fall accident can occur as the result of walking across a slippery surface or an uneven surface that causes the person to trip. These hazards should be well-marked or even barricaded in public areas. A person entering into a business establishment makes the reasonable assumption that a flat floor surface is safe for walking.

When a hidden hazard causes an injury, it is the fault of the business owner for not repairing or providing a warning about the hazard. Expecting the public to test their every step in a business establishment is unreasonable. If a slippery floor has taken you by surprise and caused injury resulting in medical expenses or lost income, a Ladera Ranch injury lawyer should be consulted.

Slip and Fall Prevention Tips:

Use Good Footwear

Avoid wearing shoes with smooth soles made of leather. Footwear with the best grip have soft rubber soles with tread. Sneakers, outdoors shoes, and various sports shoes have excellent traction. Dress shoes with good traction are also available.

Be Aware Of Slipping Hazards

Walk carefully in areas that are often slippery. These include floor areas near entrances during wet weather, bathrooms, and floors being mopped. Pedestrian cross walks on roads are often painted which get slippery when wet. Be especially cautious when the rare snow storm hits. Ice and snow-covered ice have almost no traction. Walking on such surfaces with poor footwear is especially dangerous.

The only thing worse than a level slippery surface is an inclined slippery surface. No amount of balance will prevent a slide down an incline if there is no traction to resist the force of gravity.

Keep Objects Out Of Your Hands

Carrying objects in your hands prevent the use of them for balance should you slip. These objects also prevent you from using your hands to break your fall. Use shopping carts when in stores. A shoulder bag or back pack is useful for freeing up your hands when walking around.

Wear Eye Contacts Or Glasses

If your vision is less than perfect, wear your contacts or eye glasses. Poor vision will fail to spot shiny wet surfaces and other indicators of a slippery surface.

Avoid Distractions

Look where you are going and stand still when using your mobile device. The popular social media websites are full of videos depicting people tripping into pools, or walking into walls and lamp posts while using their devices.

Sometimes no amount of reasonable caution can prevent a slip and fall injury. Whether a slippery floor in a store took you by surprise or neglect in a nursing home caused a relative to slip and fall, you have a right to compensation for injury and suffering. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What to Do After a Slip & Fall

If you are out and about doing your Christmas shopping, and you slip and fall, it is important that you pay attention to everything around you.

If you are injured when you slip and fall, you may be able to pursue a slip and fall personal injury claim against the business where you sustained your injury. However, in order for the claim to be valid, you need to take a few steps after you fall.

Call An Ambulance

If you slip and fall, and are injured, ask the store where you fell to call an ambulance for you. Do not get up; wait for medical assistance to arrive. Once they arrive, explain what happened and where you are injured.

The first responders will assess your injuries and determine if you need further treatment. Make sure you obtain records from the first responders and the hospital they take you to. A medical record trail is crucial in a slip and fall case.

Find Witnesses

Take a look around and see if anyone saw you fall down. If anyone saw you fall down, ask them if they would be willing to provide a short statement about what they saw. Be sure to get their contact information. Witness testimony will help you prove your case in court.

Take Pictures Of Where You Fell

If you can, take pictures yourself of where you fell, or ask someone to assist you with taking pictures of the area. You will want to take pictures from a variety of different angles in order to recreate the scene for the jury in your case. Visual evidence can greatly assist your slip and fall case.

Take Pictures Of Your Injuries

You should also take pictures of your injuries. Be sure to take pictures right after you are injured, and continue to document your injuries as they heal. This will help establish how long you had to deal with the injuries as well as the extent of the injuries.

Contact an Injury Attorney Today!

If you slip and fall while out Christmas shopping this holiday season, make sure an ambulance is called. Ask any nearby witnesses for their contact information. Be sure to take pictures to document the scene of the accident as well as your injuries.

When you can, contact a Ladera Ranch injury lawyer to help you pursue your case. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.