Protecting Yourself from a Dog Attack

In part two of our three part column on hiring and obtaining the legal counsel of a San Clemente dog bite attorney, we are going to discuss the many ways to defend and protect yourself from any dog attack. Being a San Clemente dog bite lawyer, we see many cases where our client’s are attacked out of nowhere and have no idea how to respond when an attack occurs. Dog bit attorney in San Clemente, Silverthorne Attorneys, have put together some tips on not only how to avoid attacks, but how to seek treatment in case you have been attacked. as a dog bite lawyer in San Clemente we are committed to helping our clients heal and get the kind of care and settlement they deserve. Consultations with your local San Clemente dog bite attorney, Silverthorne Attorneys, is absolutely free!

San Clemente Dog Attack Attorney – Defending and Protecting Yourself

Face the Dog and Command, “Back Away!”

If the animal continues to act aggressively awards you and ignoring or pacifying him is no longer working, face him and sternly command him to leave.

Dog Bite Lawyer in San Clemente Recommends You Use Strong, Deep, and Confident Demanding Tone

San Clemente dog bite lawyer recommends to do the following:

  • Continue to avoid eye contact
  • Continue to do these and the dog may become intimidated and leave.

Dog Bite Attorney in San Clemente – Fight Back

If the animal starts biting you, you need to defend yourself. Though most people do not want to physically hurt an animal, it may be necessary to hit or kick the dog in the nose, throat, and back of the head. This will hopefully stun the animal and give you time to get away. as a dog bite attorney in San Clemente, we understand that it is not always easy to fight back against an animal – using your strength to push them off and keep them from biting vital organs will help top prevent serious injuries.

The best advice from a San Clemente dog attack attorney can be to fight as though your life depends on it – because it just may. Some dog attacks can be fatal. While you do not want to hurt the dog unnecessarily, you should use force IF it is necessary if you are being relentlessly attacked.

San Clemente Dog Bite Attorney – Use Your Weight to Your Advantage

This is a good time to use your body weight to your advantage to bear on the animal – specifically pushing down on the hard points of your knees or elbows. Aggressive dogs that are already on the defense are vicious biters but they cannot wrestle – so it is best to get the advantage over them by getting on top of the animal.

San Clemente Dog Bite Lawyer – Protect Face, Chest, Throat

If you fall to the ground during an attack, not only is it more difficult to fight off the dog, but your most vital areas are exposed for them to attack. Your face, chest, and throat are the most important body parts to protect – as any serious injuries to these places will inflict the most damage.

  • Roll onto your stomach, tuck your knees, bring hands up to your ears.
  • Resist the urge to scream or roll away, these actions may encourage the animal.

Dog Bite Attorney in San Clemente – Leave the Area Slowly

Once the dog loses interest, leave the scene of the attack slowly and without any sudden movements. Staying calm and stationary can be a test of nerves, but it is the best thing to do as long as the dog is no longer biting you.

You have rights if you have been injured in an animal attack. contact us today to discuss your case. Consultations are free.