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Car Accident Lawyer Riverside

A Great Attorney Makes a Huge Difference

banner_imgIt cannot be understated just how much a Riverside car accident lawyer can do for your case. Many who have been in a serious accident for the first time do not realize how difficult it can be to get the compensation they need for their medical bills and lost income. In an ideal world, someone who has suffered severe injuries caused by another person’s negligence would not need a accident lawyers to ensure a fair outcome. Regrettably, most sufferers of negligent parties are at an extreme risk of not getting all of the funds they need for the harm done to them without a bodily injury lawyer backing them.

When we say that we believe your chances of success are highest with a trained injury attorney on your side, we are not exaggerating. After years of handling insurance company claims, we are intimately familiar with adjuster tactics and how they try to save money by cheating victims out of critically needed financial awards. A personal injury attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys understands that victims and their families deserve an advocate who will put their best interests first. Our staff knows just how big a difference full compensation can make to your family’s financial future and your recovery, and your plaintiff lawyer should do everything possible to make sure that all of your true costs are completely reimbursed.

To speak with a professional bodily injury attorney directly regarding your case, do not hesitate to contact us. Consultations with our attorneys are free!

About Us

The accident attorneys in our law firm have had years of experience working in personal injury. We have been able to recover multiple seven figure settlements for our clients and their families. We take on car accidents, dog bite accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, etc. Our offices in Riverside are centrally located and if you are not able to come to us, we will gladly come to you.

Never Engage in a Confrontation

Engaging in confrontations with the individual who is responsible for the accident can be damaging to your personal injury case. Whether they provoke you or not, you should resort to verbal or physical violence. Any accident lawyer in Riverside County will say that direct conflict will only serve to hurt your case. Instead, be patient with the legal process and allow your personal injury lawyer to do all the heavy lifting.

It is understandable that some victims are incredibly upset at the at-fault parties involved. This is particularly true when the person responsible was acting maliciously or recklessly ignoring the safety of others in some way. A Riverside personal injury attorney knows that particularly harsh penalties can be applied in some cases in which extreme negligence is particularly abhorrent. However, the legal system must be allowed to work. Vigilante justice will never advance a victim’s case and is never a solution any decent injury lawyer would suggest.

If your case involved a particularly aggressive, reckless offender and you want to know how this may affect the outcome, please contact us right away. You can speak with a bodily injury attorney about the exact events that occurred and receive personalized guidance on how we can help you proceed.

The Scene of Your Accident May Go Cold

One of the reasons it is important to start your case as soon as possible is because evidence can be lost quickly. While a seasoned plaintiff lawyer in Riverside County can often win cases even when there is less than an ideal amount of hard evidence, nothing makes your case more secure than having an abundance of evidence supporting your case.

Witness testimonies are an example of critical support that can quickly become less reliable. An accident attorney needs to collect and document witness statements immediately to provide the freshest recollections of events surrounding the negligent incident. It is all too easy for an overwhelmed victim to forget witness contact information or fail to contact them before their memories fade. Your personal injury lawyer will know exactly how to prepare official statements and gather critical information from those who can support your case.

We also provide comprehensive assistance in gathering and reviewing other critical details, such as relevant medical notes, lab results, and official police reports. Your injury attorney will help you as extensively as necessary because we understand that those who have suffered serious injuries may not be able to handle much paperwork on their own. With a talented bodily injury lawyer from Silverthorne Attorneys working your case, you will never have to feel burdened with the complexities of your case unless you want to be involved.

When you want assurance that a plaintiff attorney will provide exactly the level of communication and assistance, please call us as soon as possible. A devoted personal injury lawyer will explain our client-focused service and how we strive to advance every client’s case towards the maximum possible award during your free consultation.

Kids at Schools and Parks

Children are particularly prone to forget the rules of being a safe pedestrian. That is why every injury lawyer will advise you to be particularly cautious about spotting kids on or near the road while driving. You should be particularly careful when near the sorts of areas where children are most likely to appear.

The car accident attorneys at Silverthorne Attorneys know that children are highly likely to roam near schools, like Castle View Elementary School. There are not always school warnings in the neighborhoods surrounding schools, but many children will tend to be present even several blocks away from the school itself. Please make sure you are watching out for kids in these locations.

Parks, like Castleview Park and even Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, are also sites that accident lawyers say are prone to experiencing large influxes of youths. Busy parking lots, libraries, and family attractions should also be driven near with care. Please remember to drive safely and do everything you can to keep kids safe. If you are in need of a Riverside car accident lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free!

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