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If you have been injured in an accident, you should contact us today. Silverthorne Attorneys is acutely aware of the enormous, challenging results of a serious accident that ensue in an incident involving faultless personal injury. Unfortunately, we are not wizards-we cannot dismiss the reality of what has happened and allow the past to be re-played, minus the unfortunate circumstances. However, as your bodily injury lawyer, we are trained to study the elements of a tragic event. And then, we can act upon our decisions and do everything possible to get you justifiably compensated in a negotiation or court ordered settlement. Accident victims suffer a wide range of damages, physically, emotionally, and financially. We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation

Our lawyers in San Bernadino County are thorough investigators who diligently analyze every element of your injury to determine the best possible course of action for your case. We take apart complicated legal jargon and translate into understandable terminology so you know exactly what is happening regarding your case. We stay on and by your side until your personal injury matter is resolved, and you have recovered the just, fair amount for your losses. Representing you as your injury attorney is our dedication and your recovery.

Personal Injury Litigators Focus on Your Recovery

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to the negligence of another party, you deserve a law firm that’s going to fight for the damages you deserve. At Silverthorne Attorneys, we make certain that every client who hires us receives personalized, high-quality representation — the only kind of agentship that any client deserves from a personal injury lawyer. We’ve built a reputation around protecting the people of Running Springs, and that means holding the party who injured you or your family responsible for his or her actions. We combine aggressive representation with a recognition of the value of early, effective case resolution to achieve prompt finality of cases via settlement. We have successfully represented clients in court as well as in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings such as mediation, arbitration, and early, neutrally evaluated negotiations. An injury lawyer is trained to assist you in every capacity. Please reach out to us for an initial consultation at no charge.

When trial becomes necessary, our track record of success at both the trial court and appellate level in state and federal courts in San Bernadino County displays our expertise, showcasing the ability of our attorneys to successfully fight for your rights when necessary. Once we finalize an agreement between you and Silverthorne Attorneys, a plaintiff attorney will help you in every facet of legal recovery.

Gather all of Your Paperwork Today and Contact Us

We take on the responsibility as your Running Springs personal injury attorney to investigate and aggressively represent your claims. We conduct prompt and thorough examinations of the accident and injury, assist you in obtaining appropriate and supportive medical care, and work with experts to assess the total economic, physical and emotional effects of the injuries you or your loved ones have suffered. In an injury case, we handle all compensatory damages. There are “special damages” which involve past and future medical bills, lost earnings and potential wages, and damage to personal property. We also focus on “general damages” such as pain & suffering, reduction in quality of life, and permanent or partial impairment. Contact us today as your bodily injury attorney for a free discussion and we will explain the details.

Not Every Accident is Alike, All Cases Differ

We have experience handling cases involving a vast array of accidents. With Running Springs, also known years ago as “Hunsaker Flats,” being a popular tourist destination and ski area, we are prepared to handle more isolated, unique situations. The proximity to San Bernadino National Forest provides spectacular beauty and recreation. However, there is still the increased risk of accidents and injuries while the outdoors are being valued and enjoyed. When an injury occurs to a faultless victim, a negligent party can be found responsible, and a long journey of recovery begins for the victim. Silverthorne Attorney can be your trusted advocate in seeking and getting your compensation as the victim. Our personal injury practice includes everything from ski accidents to snowmobile accidents, off-road/hiking accidents to premise liability claims. We d0 not charge anything for the initial discussion regarding the elements of your case. We can help you focus on what is most important, and then, if hired, lead you to a just solution.

Obviously, there are a few major thoroughfares here in Running Springs. There is State Highway 18 (Hilltop Boulevard), State Route 330,and Canyon Park Road. They all see a fair share of personal injury car accidents. For example, SH 18 had 86 total collisions and 38 PI incidents in 2014. If you were involved in a car accident on the roads of Running Springs, contact Silverthorne Attorneys today. We can be the bodily injury lawyer that helps you.

If we take your case, legally, you become the “plaintiff.” We will represent you on a contingency basis as your plaintiff lawyer. You do not pay us until we attain your fair and just settlement. Time is important-there are some statute of limitations that may apply to your situation. You need a Running Springs injury lawyer to guide you to a positive solution following unfortunate circumstances. Contact Silverthorne Attorneys for a free consultation now.

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