Santa Ana Winds too Strong for Big Trucks

The strong Santa Ana winds came in full force over the weekend. Our accident lawyer reports that gusts got up to 50mph in Orange County. as strong Santa Ana winds hit the LA area hard, a car crashed into a tree on the 101 Freeway in Studio City. It caused a major traffic jam on Saturday afternoon.

It is reported that in Fontana an overturned FedEx truck blocked the Sierra Avenue off-ramp on the 10 Freeway. the heavy winds pushed the truck on its side, the driver was left unharmed.

The National Weather Service announced that strong winds can cause downed trees, power outages, etc.. and therefore can cause dangerous driving conditions. Though the Santa Ana’s have calmed down a bit since Saturday evening, being careful on the roads while the wind advisory is in effect is the best way to prevent accidents.

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Driving during winter in Southern California can be difficult. Especially since most people are not used to driving in the rain. That is why it is best to be extra careful on the roads.

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