Should I Move my Vehicle After a Car Accident?

You have been in a car accident, now what? Do you move your car? Do you stay in the same spot in order to exchange information with others? When you are involved in a crash, whether it’s on the highway or you’re driving down the street to the grocery store, you always want to make sure to move your vehicle if it is obstructing traffic. This is, of course, best case scenario. If you are unable to move your car because the accident left your car immobile, it is understandable that you would have trouble moving.

Moving a Vehicle After an Accident | Is It Necessary?

In order to prevent further accidents as well as to keep yourself and any others involved in the crash safe, moving your vehicle to a safe place is ideal. However, we all know that accidents are never ideal and they rarely ever happen in an ideal place. for instance, if an accident happens on the 5 freeway in Irvine and the accident is so severe that it leaves you unable to move your vehicle, there is only so much you can to in order to keep yourself and others safe. in this situation, if you are not seriously injured, turn your hazard lights on, contact a tow truck, and remain in your vehicle.

When It’s Ideal to Move Your Vehicle

The best and most ideal time to move your vehicle after an accident is when you have determined that there is a safer place to move in order for you and the other vehicles involved to exchange information. Sometimes there will be a clear indication of who the at-fault party is in the accident, however, there is the possibility that it will take the police coming to the scene and filing their report before you know who is deemed at fault. If you are in an accident on the freeway and you have the ability to move your vehicle, move to the side of the road or get off the freeway and find a nearby parking lot to exchange information with the other drivers.

When Not to Move Your Vehicle

In the aftermath of some car accidents it may be nearly impossible to move your car. If the car is unsafe to move, if there is a gas leak, or fire, or if there are multiple vehicles involved and it is simply unsafe to do so, do not move your car. Another great reason for not moving your vehicle is if there are serious injuries that someone has sustained. Whether in your car or another, but especially in your car, moving the vehicle can actually make the injuries worse. in this case, wait for emergency services to arrive and one they clear the scene and your car is drivable or a tow truck is called, you can move the vehicle. When it comes to accidents that result in severe damage, the likelihood of you being able to move your vehicle or leave the scene of the accident right away is very slim.

Why It’s Important to Move Your Car After an Accident

One of the most important reasons for moving your car after the accident is because it may be a hazard to others on the road. This is especially true if you are on the highway or a busy street where traffic is going at a steady pace and people are not being as attentive as they should be.

In the era of many people having dash cams, it is often easy nowadays to determine fault in an accident. Moving off the road in the event of an accident is not only a matter of safety for you and your passengers, but for others on the road as well. Staying safe is the most important thing when driving on the road and maintaining that safety after an accident is even much more important.

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