Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Vehicle Recalls

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It’s exciting to get a new car isn’t it? I know because I just purchased a new car myself just a few months ago. However, even new cars can have problems and certain parts may be recalled. Working for an accident attorney here in Orange County, I am so much more aware of certain things on the road these days. and I read earlier today that in 2017, nearly 63 million vehicles with recalls on them were still in use across the country. What is even more interesting is the fact that some people simply ignore these recalls. Working for a car accident lawyer, I can tell you that it is better to be safe than sorry.

I put together some reasons why it is important to pay attention to the safety and product recalls on your car.

What is a Vehicle Recall?

If your vehicle has a recall on it, there is no need to panic. Likely, it is not the entire car that needs to be replaced. Oftentimes, it is a faulty or old part that has been proven to malfunction. However, heeding recalls is incredibly important to minimizing accidents on the road. Something important to note is that recalls are usually not issued unless the defective part poses some sort of risk. Even if the problem seems minor, it is important to have it fixed.

How You Will Be Notified

Usually the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will determine that a car model has a safety related defect or does not comply with federal safety standards. When this happens, the manufacturer will alert all owners to the problem and will offer a free repair. This is usually done by mail. Like we stated before, just because there is a recall, that does not mean that the entire car needs to be replaced.

Accident Attorney | What Does this Mean?

Again, there is no reason to be frightened. Oftentimes, though it is important, these are things that can be fixed quite easily. Seeing as this is something that is done free of charge to you, it is imperative that you are diligent in taking care of it. in the recall letter you get from the manufacturer, you should receive the following information:

  • A description of the defect;
  • The risks and hazards that the defect present;
  • Potential warning signs;
  • How the manufacturer plans to fix the problem;
    • including when the repair will be available and how long it will take;
  • Instructions on what to do next.

The manufactures, by law, will not leave you in the dark. It is their duty to make sure that you are aware of what is going on and how to fix it. It is your duty, however, to take action and fix the defect.

Interesting fact: if there is a tire recall, you are obligated to have the tire repair work complete within 60 days of receiving your notification.

If You Aren’t Notified

Sometimes, like with anything, things get lost in the shuffle. If you hear about a recall on the news and you believe your car fits the description, yet you do not receive anything in the mail, you can always check the NHTSA to see if your car is on the list. CARFAX will even provide a vehicle history if you purchase a used car. the NHTSA is also looking into a program that will eventually allow car owners to be notified of open recalls when they register their cars with their state DMV.

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