Signs Your Dog Needs More Mental Stimulation in Dana Point

sleeping dog

Many dog owners worry about whether or not their animals are getting enough exercise to keep them healthy – but not many realize that mental exercise is also important for their health. Dana Point dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys has put together some tell-tell signs that your dog may be in need of mental stimulation!

Has Trouble Settling

If your dog has trouble with whining, pacing, or getting up from their resting position every few minutes, they are suffering from a brain that won’t be quiet. Yes, this can happen to dogs in the same way it happens to humans. Exercising their brains will help them relax and they will finally be at ease settling down.

Destroys Things

If your dog is chewing or tearing things apart even though you have already exercised them, they probably need an activity toy that they can tear into or a puzzle to solve; hiding a toy is one idea that Dana Point dog attack lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys thinks is wonderful.

Chasing their Tail

A lot of dogs become obsessed with chasing their tails. More often than not, herding breeds are the real tail chasers. Give your dog something else to do with their time. and they will stop chasing their tail – teaching her to herd a ball into a net or doing tricks will help.

Barks at Everything

This is a sign that they need more training and that giving their brains something to do will help prevent them from imagining threats that are not present.

Digging Holes

Digging holes is a great indicator that your dog needs more stimulation. Give your dog something to do in the backyard where they can utilize their brains; this way they are less likely to dig up your plants. a good idea would be to build a little sand box they can dig in so you can bury things and they can find them.

Sleeping a Lot

You may think that this is a good thing, but this is actually a sign that your dog needs more stimulation and unhealthy. If your dog sleeps more than normal – consider breaking out some activity toys.

Whining a Lot

If your dog whines for no reason, he may be bored. Wait until they are quiet and give them something to do – like an activity or toy.

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