The Facts About Right Turn Accidents

right turn accident

When getting their license, all drivers learn to look both ways before entering an intersection. Many drivers seem to forget this rule when making right turns. at three and four-way intersections, motorists often fail to look before they start their right turn. as an injury lawyer, we see these particular accidents quite often.

This bad habit develops because the traffic they must merge with is coming from the left while no such hazard is coming from the right. Merging with this traffic requires focus to get the timing right. When a traffic opening presents itself, drivers commonly start their right turn while looking to the left. This habit can go on for years until one day they strike a pedestrian crossing in front of them.

Injury Lawyer | Common Scenarios

There are many scenarios in which these accidents happen. Sometimes the victim is a bicyclist riding on the wrong side of the road and is approaching the motorist from the right. the motorist can also turn into a bicyclist passing him on the right side. Motorists making right turns at a red light while focusing on traffic, can strike pedestrians who assume it is safe to cross. Normally this assumption is true unless the motorist fails to look where he or she is going.

Another scenario involves two cars making a right turn at an intersection. the first car starts his right turn but changes his mind and stops. the second car follows and rear ends the first because the driver started his right turn while still looking to the left.

In all of the situations discussed so far, the drivers that hit a pedestrian, a bicyclist, or rear end a car do this because they failed to look where they were going. This is an act of negligence that can cause damage ranging from a dented bumper to serious injury or death. Failing to look right when turning right rarely causes harm to the motorist but the practice endangers the public. If a right turning car has injured you, never hesitate to seek the advice of a Dana Point injury lawyer.

Suffering from Injuries Due to an Accident?

Never assume that motorists see you when walking or bicycling. the only time you know this for certain is when you make eye contact with the motorist and he signals you to cross. Even when a car is stopped at a red light, it can still hit you when making a right turn. If you or someone close to you have suffered injury from being struck by a car, contact us at Silverthorne Attorneys.