The Most Common Injuries in an Auto Accident

Not all automobile accidents end in injuries. However, a good deal of them do and even when those injuries seem minor, there could be underlying issues that can cause serious damage down the line. the team at Silverthorne Attorneys is going to go over some of the common injuries our firm sees when we take on personal injury cases. When you have been in an accident, be sure that you are getting checked by a doctor; even if there are no visible signs of physical injury.

Some Symptoms are Invisible

Did you know that some symptoms of injuries are actually invisible and they can take nearly a few days after? for instance, concussion symptoms can take a few days to show up but can begin as something as innocent as a headache. Below are the common injuries and their symptoms so if you are ever in an accident you will have the knowledge of whether or not to seek medical attention straight away.


One of the most common injuries in an automobile accident is whiplash. Whiplash is a term used for when your head and neck quickly jolt from side to side or front to back. This trauma can strain muscles and cause muscle damage, be the culprit of severe migraines without breaking bones. Whiplash can take a decent amount of time to heal and even the symptoms can take 48-72 hours to materialize. Even a fender-bender accident where you were hit by someone who was backing out of a parking space at 5mph.

Common identifying whiplash injuries include the following:

S0me of the most identifying markers of whiplash may seem like every day nuances. However, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms before injuries get worse.

  • Pain and/or stiffness in your neck that intensifies when you move
    • Or even pain that prevents you from being able to move your neck;
  • Loss of range of motion in your neck that radiates into your shoulder area;
  • Constant headaches that begin at the base of your skull and radiate up;
  • Tenderness, pain, tingling, general numbness in the following areas:
    • shoulders;
    • back;
    • radiating from the upper arm to the tips of your fingers;
  • Dizziness and fatigue;
  • New issues with memory or being unable to concentrate;
  • Irritability

Again, these are only a few of the most common signs. We always urge our clients to seek medical treatment right away. Even if you are unsure, you should still see your medical provider straight away.

Head Injuries and Concussions

Head injuries are the most serious injuries in any accident because most of the time, the injuries are internal. These injuries can cause traumatic complications that will likely affect anyone down the line. Traumatic brain injuries can cause problems with headaches and long-term brain functions that could be extremely debilitating.

On the more serious side of this issue, when a severe concussion goes untreated, it changes a person’s brain chemistry, resulting in brain damage and in the most severe cases, death. If you hit your head in an accident, whether it’s the steering wheel, the roof of the car, the side of the car, etc. seek medical attention immediately to make sure that you are not suffering from further underlying that can be serious.

Scrapes and Cuts

In a good deal of bigger car accidents where glass is shattered the likelihood of suffering from scrapes and cuts are great. If not treated right away and appropriately, you may suffer from an infection to the wound that may spread into something more serious.

Broken Ribs and Bone Fractures

In more serious cases, broken ribs and bone fractures can indeed happen. Ribs are very fragile and can be broken very easily and unfortunately there is not much to be done to heal a broken rib; you have to allow your bones to heal themselves. Broken ribs are common when you are in an impact that is so serious that your seatbelt locks and you are forced back into your seat.

Broken arms, legs, shoulders, and even hips occur in the most serious of cases. This is because the impact of a crash can put a great deal of strain on your body, especially if the impact of said crash puts an unnatural amount of force on your body. When your body cannot handle the strain, unfortunately broken bones are almost inevitable.

Internal Bleeding

While it is not the most common injury in an accident, again, in serious cases internal bleeding can be very dangerous. Especially if it is not treated right away. Now, internal bleeding is not present on the outside and some of the symptoms are quiet and non-existent. Which is why we always urge everyone who has been in an accident to seek medical attention right away. the doctors can do the necessary tests to determine whether there are any underlying issues. If there is a slight chance that you feel that internal bleeding can be a possibility, seek the necessary treatment right away.


Believe it or not, post-traumatic stress disorder is a real thing in something as serious as a car accident. PTSD is an emotional and mental injury caused by something that has been a traumatic experience. These injuries can include taking something that has been a part of your every day routine (like driving) and making it stressful, causing worry and anxiety that can last for years or indefinitely if not treated correctly.

Why Seeking Medical Attention Right Away Is Important

We know that the time after any crash is very sensitive for you and your family. However, seeking medical treatment, in some cases, can be the matter or life or death. It can also be the difference of living the rest of your life with debilitating injuries and making a full recovery. When you seek medical treatment for the above injuries, it helps you get back to your best self. and it is also helpful when it comes to your automobile claim.

When you seek treatment right away, this shows the at-fault party’s insurance company that you were indeed injured. in that way, you are likely to receive the compensation you need in order to make a full recovery.

When you contact the team at Silverthorne Attorneys, you will have people on your side who will do what is right for your case. Since beginning our firm in 2012, we have been able to recover multiple seven-figure settlements for our clients who have been injured due to car accidents as well as many other personal injury cases. We never back down when the insurance adjusters are treating our clients unfairly. and they do. Insurance adjusters will employ any means necessary in order to save their company money. Furthermore they will try to make up any excuse to not have to pay out your automobile claim.

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