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The Importance of Traffic Lights

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According to our accident lawyer – and the law – the purpose of traffic lights is to prevent car crashes.

If you do happen to get into a collision at a traffic light, the most important thing to remember is to remain calm. And do your best to remember what happened. You will want to know who is at fault and what happened between lights.

Red lights mean stop! They do not mean, “tease the idea of going” or “go when no one is looking.”

Though there has been much debate on the subject, Yellow lights mean slow down, not speed up.

And finally, Green lights mean go.  However, it does not mean drive like the wind!  You should always look both ways before going – just in case a reckless driver is nearby.  You can save yourself some damage if you can see it coming before anything happens.

Suffering from injuries? Contact an accident lawyer today!

An an accident lawyer, we know that the injuries you suffer from are not your fault. We also know that the time after your accident is very stressful. That is why we are here to help. We are here to make sure you receive the best car possible.

If you or someone you know needs a car crash attorney, contact us.  A consultation with an accident lawyer in our office is free!

Being Safe at Traffic Lights

Traffic lights can be a pain. Especially if you are stuck in traffic and late for work. Traffic lights are designed to increase safety by enforcing the rules of the road and by regulating the flow of traffic. Any accident lawyer can tell you that traffic lights work much better when everyone is following the rules. Below, our auto accident attorney has put together some ways to stay safe at traffic lights. If you are suffering from injuries due to an accident, contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free!

Accident Lawyer | Staying Safe at Traffic Lights

One of the first things to do in order to stay safe at traffic lights is to follow the traffic rules. Proceed through green lights and look for pedestrians and bicyclists when you are in a populated area. If you are turning at a light that does not have a green arrow, yield to traffic going straight. Only make your turn when traffic has cleared.

Yellow Lights

The rule is to slow down at yellow lights. We know that some people generally like to speed through the yellow lights. Use your best judgment on whether or not you can safely go through or if you need to slow down to a stop. If you risk a rear-end collision or think you will have to stop in the middle of the intersection, keep going. However, if you have enough space and time to safely stop, do so.

Red Lights

Stop completely on red lights. This is kind of a no-brainer; however, there are people who run red lights. Sometimes this happens because people are not paying attention. Other times it happens because people are going too fast to slow down in time. When you approach a red light, brake slowly and steadily. Make sure to stop far enough back so that you can see the rear tires of the car ahead of you. Do not run red lights; not if you can help it. It is not only illegal but it puts you at risk of a ticket. Not only that, but running a red light puts you and others on the road at risk for an accident. Red light cameras exist at almost every intersection. They are used to give out traffic tickets without the presence of police.

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Stopping at Intersections with Crosswalks

When you are stopping at a light, make sure you are stopping behind the first white line. There are many times I have been stopped at a light and have seen people stopped in the middle of the crosswalk. Working for an auto accident attorney and living in Southern California, I see this quite a bit. Believe it or not, it is actually illegal to stop past the white line or in the middle of a crosswalk. You not only make this dangerous for pedestrians, but for other drivers on the road.

Turning Right on Red

In California, unless otherwise noted, it is perfectly legal to turn right on red. However, we suggest that you only do this if it is safe. Look both ways for pedestrians and bicyclists before turning. This will help to ensure their safety as well as yours. Look around for signs posted that may say “No Turn on Red” or “No Turn on Red While Children are Present,” etc.

On the other hand, do not attempt to turn left on a red light unless you are turning onto a one-way street. The most important thing is safety, always. Not only for yourself, but for other drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else utilizing the roads at the same time.

Yielding to Pedestrians

Even if there is not a clearly marked crosswalk, sometimes there are implied crosswalks. This is where there is a dip in the sidewalk and only a single white line over half of the street. Yield to pedestrians and cyclists, even at these assumed crosswalks. They always have the right-of-way and it is safer to remain stopped until you see the crosswalk is clear. Be aware that in some places you can be fined for not yielding to pedestrians or bicyclists in a marked (or assumed) crosswalk.

Practice safe driving. Not only to keep yourself and any passengers safe, but to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe as well.

Injured? Contact an Auto Accident Attorney Today!

Suffering from injuries due to an accident is very difficult. Some accidents can be traumatic and lead to other issues. You should never have to take your case on yourself. Especially when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters. You should know, adjusters are not on your side. Their job is to save their company money; even if that means lowballing your settlement or denying your claim altogether.

Our job, as your accident lawyer is to make sure you are not taken advantage of. We believe that you should be focusing on healing and getting your health back after your accident. We will take care of insurance adjusters.

If you are suffering from serious injuries due to an accident, please contact an auto accident attorney in our office. Consultations with an accident lawyer in our office are free!

Injury Attorney Reveals Crash Statistics

injury attorneyAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, after four years of decreases, California’s traffic fatalities increased for the first time in 2011, the latest year for which complete statistics were available. As an injury attorney, we know that these statistics are not quite up-to-date, but they are reliable.

California Car, Motorcycle & Truck Accident Statistics

– The state showed 2,791 fatalities for the year, compared to 32,367 deaths for the entire country.

– With 57 percent of the incidents, California cities were more dangerous than rural areas.

– However, rural areas had higher rates per miles driven, with 2.11 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven, compared to 0.61 for cities.

– Only one vehicle was involved in 1,731 of the incidents.

– A large truck factored into 281 incidents. Statistics for truck accidents also reveal that the primary reasons for truck accidents are: traveling too fast for the conditions, unfamiliarity with highway, over-the-counter drug use, inadequate surveillance, fatigue, stress or pressure from carrier, illegal maneuver, inattention and distractions.

– About 1,146 deaths involved leaving the roadway and 716 involved an intersection.

– A Blood Alcohol Count of 0.08 or greater was involved in 774 deaths. Speed was a factor in 890 incidents.

– About 414 motorcyclists and 625 pedestrians were killed.

By county, Los Angeles had the most deaths at 536, followed by San Bernardino at 232, San Diego at 200, Riverside at 198 and Orange at 139.

  • From the previous year, Los Angeles County showed a decline in traffic deaths of 5 percent
    • Riverside County showed a decline of 2 percent.
  • Orange County showed a whopping 32 percent increase in deaths followed by San Diego at 8 percent and San Bernardino at 5 percent.

Suffering from injuries? Contact an injury attorney today!

If you, a family member, or someone you know become part of these statistics for the current year, please contact Silverthorne Attorneys right away. As your personal injury attorney, we’ll fight to ensure that the victim receives justice.

Pomona Man Injured In Traffic Collision

Our personal injury attorney reports that earlier this month, a 64-year-old Pomona man was critically injured after he was struck by a car.

According to the Pomona Police Department, the man was struck by a vehicle around 8:15 p.m. on Aug. 21. The man was taken to a nearby hospital. At last report, he was in critical condition.

The driver of the car stayed at the scene and is cooperating with authorities, according to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

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It isn’t known yet whether the victim will file charges or note. If he is interested in receiving compensation for the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, then he will have to file a personal injury lawsuit.

As Ontario personal injury attorneys, our job is to step in to situations just like this and help people who’ve encountered harm through no fault of their own. We never guarantee that a lawsuit will be in your favor. However, when personal injury lawsuits do come out in favor of the harmed party, the result is often very helpful.

Are you suffering from injuries? Contact a personal injury attorney today!

You are welcome to contact our office if you’re researching California personal injury attorneys and want to know more about the work we do. We would be happy to meet with you, hear about your circumstances, and propose a course of action.

Every personal injury attorney in our office knows all too well the tactics the insurance companies use. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are not on your side. They will do everything in their power to lowball your settlement. It is also possible that they will deny your claim. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you receive the best possible care. A personal injury attorney in our office will never side with the insurance companies. We will fight for your right to recover the compensation you deserve. Furthermore.

How to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Living in north Orange County and commuting to South Orange County during the week, I see a lot of people being pulled over on the road. I have to admit, sometimes I am surprised that since living here, I have not been pulled over or gotten a ticket (knock on wood). On my way in this morning, I saw at least three people pulled over onto the side of the freeway; and it looked that they had been pulled over. So, I got to thinking, since I work for an auto accident lawyer here in Southern California, how exactly can people avoid getting a traffic ticket? Below, I have done some research on how to avoid getting a traffic ticket. If you have bene in an accident, contact a car accident attorney in our office today. Consultations are free!

Auto Accident Lawyer | Avoiding Traffic Tickets 101

Did you know that millions of traffic tickets are issued every year? Did you also know that even one speeding ticket can increase insurance premiums for several years? And multiple violations can push your rates through the roof or you may even be dropped from your insurance plan altogether. Luckily, a lot of these tickets can be avoided and below, a car accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys goes over some ways to avoid tickets!

First Thing’s First | Obeying the Rules of the Road

One of the most important things you can do to avoid a ticket is to obey the rules of the road. Don’t break traffic laws and you won’t get a ticket. Easier said than done; especially at the end of the month. With that being said, ignorance is no excuse. And what I have seen from my road trip is: traffic laws vary from state to state; sometimes town to town. Therefore, do some research before you head out.

Defensive Driving!!

We have covered this a lot lately. Defensive driving techniques are so important when you are not only avoiding accidents, but you will likely avoid a ticket. Aggressive and/or erratic driving not only irritates other drivers, it also puts you and others at risk. Even if you are not breaking any laws, weaving in and out of traffic and being aggressive will most definitely get attention from the California Highway Patrol.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Another topic we have touched on recently is the importance of wearing your seat belt. Not only for your safety when you are driving, but it’s the law. And there are steep fines if you are pulled over and you are not wearing your seat belt. Also, there is no excuse for not wearing your seat belt.

car accident attorney, auto accident lawyer

Car Accident Attorney | Getting Pulled Over

If you do happen to get pulled over, remember to be polite and know protocol:

  • when the officer comes to your window, be respectful and have your license, registration, and insurance ready to hand them;
  • don’t start an argument or act irritated;
  • pull over when you see that the police officer is signaling for you to do so
    • if you have to pull over to the side of the road, use the right shoulder as it is safer for both you and the officer;
  • turn your car off and remove the keys from the ignition;
  • if it is dark out, turn on any interior lights so that you and the officer can see;
  • remain inside of your car, do not leave your vehicle unless the officer instructs you to do so;
  • if the officer informs you that you were speeding, it is okay to politely ask them how they know and they state they used a radar gun, ask to see it
    • Most officers will turn off the unit once you are stopped, which deletes the speed entry;
  • if you were issued a ticket via a radar gun, ask to see the officers daily log
    • he or she would need to state they calibrated their unit prior to beginning their patrol
      • you want to make sure this was done

Avoid any Admission of Guilt

This is also relevant when you get into an accident. The car accident attorneys in our office always advise that you do not admit any fault, even when you are being pulled over for a ticket. In the event that a ticket is issued and you admit fault, your admission can be used against you in court.

Contesting a Ticket

If you are unable to avoid getting a ticket, you may want to consider fighting it in court. Now, you won’t need an auto accident lawyer for this. But sometimes just showing up to the court hearing will indicate that you are responsible. When you arrive to court, make sure you are dressed nice and that you are prepared to argue your side of the case without emotion. You also should have as much evidence to support your argument as you can. Depending on the judge, the county, and the jurisdiction, you may be given leniency.

Do not just assume that the police officer who pulled you over will not appear. Many jurisdictions will pay officers overtime if they have to appear in court. In some cases, officers may even allow the ticket to be dismissed.

At the end of the day, whether you are issued a ticket or not, you always want to follow the rules of the road. Don’t drive aggressively and erratic. This will just cause an accident that can end up causing serious injuries.

If you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another, contact us to discuss your case. Every car accident attorney in our office has experience working with those who are injured. We understand that every case is unique and believe that you deserve the best medical treatment, as well as the compensation that will help get your life back on track.

Contact our office at 949-234-6034 for a free consultation.

Car Chase Ends in Accident in Seal Beach

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SEAL BEACH, CA: On December 31st, 2016, 55-year-old Dennis Cusick was arrested in Seal Beach on multiple charges that include hit-and-run, driving under the influence, and felony evasion. Surrounding drivers began to get worried of the reckless driver, and called the police for help. When police arrived on site to initiate a traffic stop, the Mission Viejo resident ignored them and continued on through the stop. As a result, Cusick struck a center divider and police car. Our accident lawyer reports that everyone involved in the accident suffered from minor injuries and all were treated at the a nearby hospital.


Suffering from injuries? Contact an accident lawyer today!

As someone who is suffering from injuries due to the negligence of another, you have rights. As your accident lawyer, we are here to make sure that you are not taken advantage of during this delicate time. Insurance adjusters are notorious for lowballing settlements. As your accident lawyer, we believe this is unacceptable. We will never settle just because it is fast and easy. We truly believe that you deserve an adequate settlement that will help you repair any damages you have suffered.

As your accident lawyer, it is our goal to take the burden of dealing with insurance companies, paperwork, etc., so you can focus solely on healing. We want you to be able to heal so that you can get back to your normal routine.

It is our goal to work diligently for you. We always guarantee that we will be here for you during this time.

If you are suffering from injuries due to the negligence of another, contact an accident lawyer today. Consultations are free!


Braving the Holiday Traffic

It is the season of travel. More and more people are expected to be on the roads and at the airports within the next few weeks than any other time of year. Personally, I know I will be hitting the road to drive up to the Bay Area, the Sunday before Christmas. It is important to stay safe during this holiday season. That is why our auto accident attorney has put together these helpful tips to brave the holiday traffic. You want to have a wonderful time during this season. However, you also want to make sure you and your family are getting to your destination safely. If you have been injured in an accident an need an accident lawyer, contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free!

Accident Lawyer | Tips for Safe Travel

Traveling this time of year, especially on the road is incredibly stressful. And we want to make sure that you and your family are able to not only enjoy the holiday’s, but that you also get to your destination(s) safely. The accident lawyers in our office are hoping that the following tips will be helpful during your Christmas and New Year’s travels.

Allow Yourself Extra Time

Luckily, my family is never on a time crunch when I make the six-hour drive up to the East Bay Area. However, if you are on a time crunch, make sure you are allowing yourself more time to travel. The roads are going to be congested, but you want to make sure that when you are preparing for your trip, that you account traffic into the equation.

This will be especially helpful when you are feeling the bouts of road rage coming on. Everyone on the road is going to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Whether it’s running last minute errands or driving on the 57 Freeway to a holiday party; road rage this time of year is much more intense than the rest of the year.

For example, yesterday when I was driving home on I-5 from Ladera Ranch to Placentia, someone in a sports car was weaving in and out of heavy traffic. To be honest, I see this everyday, but with the influx of cars on the road this time of year, people have a tendency to practice unsafe driving techniques.

Practice Defensive Driving Skills

Now would be the best time to practice your defensive driving skills. Remember, defensive driving just means that you are actively paying attention to the other cars around you. It does not include maneuvers such as:

  • tailgating;
  • cutting people off;
  • rubbernecking;
  • brake checking, etc.

Many of the above practices are considered to be incidents of road rage and if you injure someone in the process, you may end up having charges filed against you.

This season is also the season for people to be irresponsible by driving under the influence. Pay extra close attention for drunk drivers and other drivers who are driving erratically. If you can, report any drivers on the road who are showing signs of drunk driver or driving under the influence.

Auto Accident Attorney | Take Your Car in for Maintenance

Any auto accident attorney will tell you during this time of year is to make sure that your car is properly maintained. Even in Southern California, winter weather can be hard on your car. Keeping your car in tip-top shape before hitting the road or even for the beginning of the season will be of great benefit to you. Be sure to have the following routine maintenance checked on your car before heading out on the road:

  • Check and adjust tire pressure
    • Make sure there is enough tire treat to safely grip the road because replacing a tire can be less expensive than being injured in an accident;
  • Check and top off all fluids
    • This should include wiper fluid, transmission fluids, oil, etc.
      • Windshield wiper fluid can be a life saver (literally) if you’re traveling far;
  • Make sure brakes and brake pads are good to go;
  • Make sure you are staying up to date with routine oil changes, etc.

All of these will help prevent accidents as well as keep you safe while you are on the road.

Watch Your Speed

This time of year, when it’s getting dark earlier in the evening, it can be difficult to maneuver on the road. Make sure you are sticking to the posted speed limits. Or at the very least, going along with the flow of traffic. Driving too fast in heavy traffic and not paying attention to conditions on the road – whether it be an accident or weather – can leave you in trouble of also being in an accident. This accident can leave you and/or your passengers suffering from serious injuries.

Don’t Overpack the Car & Drive Distraction Free

Overpacking the car can actually impact your ability to see from your rearview mirror. This also makes it dangerous by creating blind spots that you are not used to. Further, loose items can be dangerous and cause serious injuries in the event of an accident.

That being said, make sure there are very few distractions when you are driving. Especially if you are stuck in traffic or traveling long distances. We know this can be difficult, but doing so can actually prevent an accident.

This time of year you want to make sure you are being extra cautious on the roads. There are so many things happening and so many people who are driving recklessly.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, please do not hesitate to contact an accident lawyer in our office. Consultations with one of our auto accident attorneys are free!

91 Freeway Delay Due to High Speed Chase

personal injury attorney

Last week an attempted murder lead to a crazy high speed chase, causing the 91 Freeway to be blocked.  Traffic was backed up for hours.

Luckily, the reckless driver came to a stop at on the shoulder of the freeway. Shortly after stopping, SWAT was able get him to come out of the vehicle, and he was immediately grabbed by a police K-9.

When a real threat causes a delay in your schedule, remember it is important to stay calm.  You will eventually get to your destination. Police need to do their job for your safety and the safety of other motorists.

Things like this happen, so don’t do anything that would accidentally cause harm to another car or potentially another person.

Are you suffering from injuries due to an accident? Contact a personal injury attorney today!

We know that suffering from injuries due to an accident can be very stressful. That is where your personal injury attorney comes in.  We are here to make sure that you can focus solely on your recovery. We will deal with the insurance adjusters. Every personal injury attorney in our firm knows the ins and outs of the insurance companies’ tactics. And we have the knowledge to deal with them. We will never accept a settlement that is not adequate for your injuries.

If you or someone you know experienced a car accident due to traffic and suffered bodily injuries, contact us.  A consultation with a personal injury attorney in our office is free!

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