How to Treat Dog Bites

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Every dog attack attorney in our office knows that animal bites are a more frequent occurrence these days. and that is due to the fact that more and more families have dogs. According to the numbers that our dog attack lawyer found, there are anywhere from two to five million animal bites each year. Children suffer more than adults do. as a dog bite attorney, we are aware that this is because children often like to play rough with the dogs. the most frequent complication of an animal bite is an infection from the bite. as an Orange County dog bite lawyer, we have seen cases where people’s wounds were not properly treated. If you are suffering from injuries due to a dog bite, contact us today. Consultations are free!

Dog Attack Attorney | How to Treat Minor Bites

The majority of dog bites are actually quite minor. as we have stated before, people have more problems with bites are not properly taken care of. Infections can set in if you do not seek treatment right away. Dog attack attorney Silverthorne Attorneys has put together some helpful tips on how to treat minor dog bites.

Examine the Bite

The majority of dog bites are minor wounds that can be treated at home. If the bite did not break the skin entirely, then you can treat the wound with home care. Make sure to examine the wound to make sure that the skin is not punctured, torn, or crushed.

Make Sure to Wash the Bite Thoroughly

Orange County dog attack lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys suggests that you make sure to wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Spend several minutes washing with soap and water that is a comfortable temperature. Cleaning the wound will rid it of germs that came from the dog’s mouth. Any soap you use is fine, but it is highly recommended that you use antibacterial soap. the soap and water may sting the bite a bite, but it is still a better idea to clean it thoroughly.

If the Wound is Bleeding: Apply Pressure

If the wound is bleeding, use a clean towel or gauze and apply firm pressure until it stops. This is especially important if the wound is still bleeding after washing it. the bleeding should stop shortly after applying the pressure. Enough for you to put a bandage on the wound. However, if the wound continues to bleed too much to put a bandage on it, seek medical attention right away.

Apply Antibiotic Ointment

Applying antibiotic ointment creams such as Neosporin, Polysporin, or Bacitracin can help prevent infection as the wound heals. Apply the cream to the wound carefully and make sure that you are giving the wound some breathing room.

Dog Bite Lawyer | Wrap the Bite

As soon as you apply the antibiotic treatment, wrap or dress the wound appropriately. Make sure to apply the necessary amount of pressure to help protect the injury. Make sure you are not applying too much pressure. Too much pressure will affect circulation and can lead to discomfort.

Change the Wrap When Necessary

Each time you soil the bandage, if it gets wet or dirty, you should change it. This includes each time you take a shower. Make sure you wash the wound gently and reapply antibiotic cream and a new bandage when necessary.

Dog Bite Attorney | Stay Up-to-Date on Your Immunizations

Tetanus is a potential infection that can set in if the bite breaks the skin. This is another reason that cleaning the wound is so important. Most doctors will recommend that you get a tetanus booster after a dog bite, just to be safe. This is especially important if your last immunization was five or more years ago.

Keep an Eye on the Wound as It is Healing

Southern California dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys wants you to keep an eye on your bite while it is healing. Make sure to watch for signs of infection as the bite begins to heal. If you think that the bite is becoming infected, see a doctor immediately. Signs that an infection might be developing include:

  • Redness on and around the wound;
  • Swelling of the infected area;
  • Pain that only gets worse;
  • Sudden onset of a fever;
  • The appearance of a pus-like discharge.

Dog Bite Injury Attorney | Determine the Vaccination Status of the Dog

Those who are bitten by a dog should be aware of the rabies infection. Determining whether or not a dog has their rabies vaccination is something that you will not have to worry about when it comes to your dog bite. If the dog’s vaccination status is unknown – if the dog was a stray or the owner did not provide that information – she dog should be put under observation for 15 days. You should also seek medical attention if you are unable to verify the animal’s vaccination status.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Seek Medical Attention If there are Underlying Health Issues

Even when bites are minor, other health-related complications can be the cause of infection. Dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys suggests seeing a medical professional if you have the following underlying health issues:

  • Diabetes;
  • Liver disease;
  • Cancer;
  • HIV;
  • If you are on any medications that weaken the immune system, i.e. prescriptions taken for autoimmune disorders.

Remember to always take care of yourself when you are suffering from injuries. Even if you think that you are overreacting, a dog bite lawyer in our office always suggests that you seek medical attention.

Dog Bite Lawyer | Treating Severe Dog Bites

Sometimes dog bites are more severe than just the average flesh wound. Here, our dog attack attorney in Orange County has put together some tips on how to treat severe dog bites.

Dog Bite Injury Attorney | Make Sure You Examine the Bite

Just as you would with a minor bite, make sure that you check the wound. Oftentimes severe bites will have one or more deep puncture wounds from the dog’s teeth. This can be from the animal’s teeth tearing the tissue following the puncture wound. Most dogs have very powerful jaws. and due to the crushing power of the jaw, you may also show signs of bone, ligament, or joint damage if the bite was severe. You may need to seek emergency medical treatment if the following occur:

  • The bite is deep to the point where you see muscle, fat, or bone;
  • If there is blood spurting from the bite or the bleeding cannot be stopped within fifteen minutes of applying pressure;
  • The wound is larger than one or two centimeters;
  • If the bite was on your head or neck.

You will be able to gauge when you should see the wound just how severe it is.

Dog Bite Lawyer | See A Doctor

For severe bites, it is best to seek attention from a doctor right away. Medical professionals will be able to determine the best course of action for severe bites. Your doctor will irrigate the wound in order to thoroughly clean it and perform any necessary removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissues. a lot of these tissues can interfere with the healing of the wound.

Your doctor will also look into your shot records. This is in order to determine whether or not a tetanus booster shot is needed. If your doctor suspects that there may be bone damage based on the severity of your bite, they will likely x-ray the area in order to determine proper treatment.

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