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When you need an injury lawyer who is deeply committed to helping victims of negligence, we are here for you. We are passionate about helping those who have suffered get the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve.

Silverthorne Attorneys genuinely wants to make sure that our clients and their families are properly provided for after an awful accident. We care about those who have been hurt by negligence, and we want to help you through this difficult process.

When you need help dealing with the complicated legal system and don’t want to risk your case, please call us right away. We never require any up-front payment to start working on your case.

The 5 Most Important Documents for Your Case

Documentation is everything when you want to make sure that your case results in the maximum amount of compensation. Every Tustin bodily injury attorney knows that having the evidence to back up your case will result in a much better financial award.

While every case will be a bit different, there are several extremely important documents that Silverthorne Attorneys advises you to not misplace. Here are the top five for most circumstances:

  • Evidence of Injuries;
  • Evidence of Expenses;
  • Police Report or Other Official Reports (Animal Control, Health Department, etc.);
  • Witness Contact Information;
  • Negligent Party’s Contact Information

Of course, if you are physically unable to gather these important documents or are emotionally unable to handle the burden yourself, we will happily assist you in this task.

We can even travel to your home or the hospital if you are unable to come to us due to your or your family’s injuries. We want to do whatever we can to make this process easier for you.

If you need a strong plaintiff attorney who cares about your outcome, please call us now. You will receive a free consultation without having to pay a thing.

Evidence of Injuries

This will most likely include medical records from the hospital that you were transferred to after your accident. It may also include laboratory tests and notes from your doctor and other medical providers. If you or others who witnessed the incident have photographs of the event or your injuries, then these will also provide strong evidence for your case.

Evidence of Expenses

Your direct, immediate medical costs can be proven by showing the bills from the emergency transport, hospital, laboratory tests, doctor, and other providers. Additionally, you will need to find documents that support the value of any personal possessions that were damaged or destroyed during the incident. These can include insurance adjuster reports, as well as receipts or current value listings of the same items. These reports are incredibly important to any injury lawyers. Especially since they will be responsible for putting together a demand letter to the insurance agency; which will heavily include all expenses.

Police or Other Official Reports

Depending on the exact type of incident you suffered, various authority agencies may get involved. Most of these agencies will create an official report that can be a strong piece of supporting evidence for your case. When the police or other authority agencies respond to your incident, try to get the contact information from where you can receive a formal report. If you are unable to do so, then a dedicated accident attorney should handle this for you.

Witness Contact Information

Witness testimony can be invaluable to your case. If there are bystanders who can vouch for you, then it is very important that you get their contact information as soon as possible. While this information may be included in the police report, it is best to gather the information separately to ensure that your plaintiff lawyer will have it.

Negligent Party’s Contact Information

While it is important to gather the details of the responsible party who is at fault, please do so carefully. It is common for tempers to flare and stress to be very high after an accident. Do your best to stay calm, and only approach the opposing party if they seem to be calm as well. It is best to wait for the police or other witnesses to be present before approaching for this information.

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If you were too injured to gather important information at the scene or simply didn’t know to do so, please don’t worry. A skilled personal injury attorney will be able to take care of this for you. We want to help our clients in any way possible to lessen the burden on them at this tough time.

We care about the outcome for you and your family, and we want to make sure you get the highest possible financial award for your traumatic experience. This includes making sure that your lasting complications, scarring, lost income potential, emotional trauma, and lost quality of life are compensated. We are willing to take your case all the way to the Orange County Superior Court if the defense refuses to agree to a fair settlement during intense negotiations.

When you need help gathering important information that will help your case, please contact us right away. Remember: you don’t have to pay anything for a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney when you call us.

Watch Out for Road Dangers

Please stay safe on the road. It is important to be aware of possible dangers while driving. A seasoned accident lawyer knows that common traffic buildup can result in serious accidents.

Always watch out for areas where cars slow down rapidly or have a tendency to suddenly dart into another lane. Try to practice merging gradually while giving yourself plenty of time before nearing the exit. Exit 101B on I-5 that leads to Red Hill Avenue near Tustin High School is one example of an area with dense traffic that can lead to rear-end collisions.

People in a rush can be very dangerous. East First Street near the crossing of Tustin Branch Trail is an area where traffic often is backed up. These conditions lead to impatient drivers trying to rush through lights even when they just turned red. Unfortunately, this sets them up for T-Bone collisions with traffic traveling perpendicular to them.

Please stay patient and cautious while on the road. This will keep you and your family safe. Of course, another negligent driver may still cause you injury, despite your best efforts.

If this happens, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you build your case. Consultations are free!