Pain Types Common After an Accident

visceral pain

Pain is nature’s way of telling you that something is physically wrong with your body. It prevents you from doing any activity that worsens the damage caused by an injury. Sometimes pain indicates the location of your injury. Such as where you break an arm. However, as any personal injury lawyer knows, some pains do not indicate an injury’s precise location and if it is not severe enough, you may not feel it is necessary to seek medical attention for it.

If you were in an accident and feel pain, seek medical attention immediately regardless of its intensity. Do not try to tough it out. You should also consult with a Ladera Ranch injury lawyer if the injury was caused by the action of another either directly on your person or through negligence.

Understanding the three types of pain will increase your awareness of possible injury to your person and will help you describe it to your doctor.

Somatic Pain

This kind of pain is very familiar to most people. It occurs from an injury to your skin or muscles. It also results from injury to your joints and connective tissue, as well as bone breaks and fractures. This encompasses your arms, legs, and the muscles along your torso, and neck. When you experience somatic pain, the injury site is usually obvious.

Neuropathic Pain

When you injure a nerve in your spinal cord or other part of your body, the pain you feel is neuropathic. This type of pain is spread out over an area rather than being concentrated at a specific spot on your body. People commonly describe the pain as needles and pins, tingling, burning, shooting, stinging, and stabbing. the sensations can vary from person to person. This kind of pain should never be ignored. Nerves are vital to bodily function and untreated injury can have serious consequences.

Visceral Pain

When you experience visceral pain, it means you are suffering injury to an internal organ. Regardless of its intensity, alertness to this pain is especially important after an accident. There is no need to explain why your internal organs are important. Visceral pain is diffuse or spread out over a wide area. It can feel dull and aching, squeezing, cramping, or be a vague pressure-like feeling.

When pain is severe after an accident, your need of medical attention will be apparent. However if it is less severe, you should take the time to assess which type of pain it most feels like and seek medical attention. as should be apparent to you by now, no kind of pain is to be ignored.

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