What are Medical Liens?

We often talk about doctors who work on liens. as an injury lawyer, we know that people may not be familiar with what it means to work on liens. the state and federal government, health insurance agencies, and hospitals can assert a claim against your personal injury settlement. as an accident attorney, we mainly work with medical professionals who can see you on a lien.

What are Medical Liens?

Put simply, a lien in a personal injury case is your treating physicians right to take a portion of recovery from the settlement of your case. This will go to paying for your medical bills. This allows you the opportunity, as an injured party, to rest easy. You will not have to pay anything out of pocket.

Not everyone can afford the necessary treatment. and we know that is the main reason people do not seek medical attention after their accident. Your physician agrees to treat you right away and will wait to receive their payment until after we resolve your case. You and your attorney will sign an agreement stating that all medical bills will be paid from the proceeds of the settlement.

Furthermore, because the agreement is legally binding, your attorney is obligated to pay your doctor’s bulls prior to releasing any other funds.

Injury Lawyer | Benefits of Liens

Doctors who work on liens will not charge you more. for instance, they won’t charge more for their services than other patients who are paying for costs through medical insurance. After attorney’s fees and costs, the medical fees and costs will be paid, and then you will receive the balance of the settlement.

Seeking treatment from a doctor on a lien is an effective way to get the care you need right away. in this way, you will not have to worry about providers turning your account over to collection companies. We only work with medical professionals – chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, etc. – who accept liens.

Accident Attorney | Negotiating a Lien

In most cases, your accident attorney will negotiate down your medical bills. Even when they sign a lien with a medical professional. Your attorney should be able to reduce medical costs. Under the “fund doctrine” attorneys who create a separate fund for the benefit of a third-party are entitled to reimbursement from the fund in the form of attorneys fees.

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