What if I don't have insurance?

There are many consequences of being an uninsured driver in an accident. Even if you are not in an accident, getting caught driving without car insurance carries a fine as high as $5,000, a suspended license, or perhaps jail time if it is not your first offense.

If you are driving your own car and you are uninsured, if you did not cause the accident and an insured driver hit you, you can still collect money from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If you are found to be at-fault in the accident, the passengers of the car you hit may have access to receive compensation by going after any number of your assets. These assets include your savings, a portion of any earnings from future paychecks, even your home. You will also have a difficult time buying car insurance without joining what is known as an assigned risk pool – “a collection of drivers whose infractions have rendered them nearly incapable of buying insurance on their own.”

Having insurance and making sure that you have proof of insurance is very important. It is always smart to be prepared.

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