What if I lose consciousness in an accident?

Being knocked unconscious after an accident is incredibly serious. Generally speaking, losing consciousness – even for just a moment – after an accident can be an indication that your brain is slightly bruised or more.

Being evaluated by a medical professional right away will help determined what kind of injuries to the brain you may have sustained. Do not wait to seek medical attention. Head injuries, especially after an accident where you lose consciousness are very serious.

Common Brain Injuries After an Accident

  • Concussion – a concussion is an injury that can be caused by a blow to the head, violent shaking, or force of sudden acceleration or deceleration. Most people who have suffered from concussions do not lose consciousness, but rather feel dazed or dizzy.
  • Contusion – a contusion is a bleed in the brain caused by direct impact. Sometimes surgery will be required to remove the bleed if large enough.
  • Coup-Contrecoup – this is injury occurs on the impacted side of the brain when the force is great enough to cause a contusion at propel the brain against against the opposite side of the skull, causing a second contusion.

These of course are only a few injuries that can lead to someone being knocked unconscious during and/or after an accident. Seeking medical attention right away will  help in saving your life.