What if the police don’t take down a report?


After an accident has occurred, calling the police to the scene should be one of the first steps you take. Once the police arrive, they can assess the scene of the accident and will take notes that will eventually end up in the acident report. It is very rare that the officer will not take down a report when he or she  arrives at the scene of the accident.

The main reason for police reports not being taken or filed after an accident is generally because the people involved in the accident do not think it is necessary to get the police involved. We suggest, even in the case of minor accidents likes fender-benders, that you contact the police and have them write a report. This is precautionary because if someone was hurt in the accident, they may end up filing a claim. Filing a police report will help you and your case, should you need to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident.

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