Is a Police Report Necessary?

People often ask, “Is a police report necessary?” Though you are not required to file a police report for small accidents, we highly recommend that you do. Even if there was minor damage, it is always best to contact the police and file a report. the reason is not because of what happened at the scene of the accident, but what happens the days following the accident. Sometimes people begin to feel achy or have neck and back issues after the adrenaline from the accident wears off.

Many injuries do not become apparent until days after an accident. If you are in a minor accident and do not feel it is necessary to contact the police, you can contact them at a later date. You can then fill out a police report detailing the events of the accident. This evidence will help you should there be any problems with insurance companies.

You may not think that you need to file a police report when you are at the scene of the accident; especially when people have insurance and a license to drive. However, it is best to have one filed just in case someone makes a claim that you were at fault. Police reports that are taken down at the scene can help the insurance companies determine who is at fault. It will also help determine who deserves compensation for damages done during the accident. Having a police report will benefit you when you are speaking with an insurance adjuster.

Importance of a Police Report

Filing a police report is crucial when there is an accident that involves injuries or an unfortunate death. Calling the police after an accident will give the responding officer a chance to interview those involved in the accident. It will also give them time to interview any witnesses. the responding officer will also take note of any damages to the car, as well as any injuries from the accident.

In most cases, you will not need a police report with your insurer unless something unusual happens such as a crime taking place or the other driver fleeing the scene. However, having a police report that you can provide to your adjuster will help speed up the process.

Make sure that there is a police report filed, for your peace of mind.

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